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Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley
"Harvest Moon Honey village and the aspirations of the villagers" (HARVEST MOON HERO OF LEAF VALLEY) (ULES-1)

psp games Name: Harvest Moon: honey village and the aspirations of the villagers / Harvest Moon: honey village and villagers desire / Harvest Moon: honey village and everyone's desire / Harvest Moon: Revised the village and everyone's desire to increase

English name: Only On PlayStation - Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai)

Production companies: Marvelous Entertainment Inc. / Natsume Inc.

Agent Release: Rising Star Games

Genre: SLG - Simulation Game (simulation to develop the game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (European version)

Release Date: October 22, 2010

Official Website:

Game: British Game publisher Rising Star Games proxy issue, Marvelous developed issue, scheduled for sale in autumn 2010. Exclusively by the PSP handheld for the popularity of the new business simulation: "Harvest Moon: honey village and the aspirations of the villagers" (Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley). The game's official website has opened, and the release of the promotional video and some sections of the screen information for the players you refer.


Bokujou Monogatari 01
I. Classic Review:

"Harvest Moon" (Harvest Moon) series is a business simulation game works, allows players to taste the taste of ranch life in the classic game. The role players will be responsible for operating a farm, in this farm, players can rely on to grow crops, raise animals and other methods to profit. Game time will last about one to three years, regardless of how the operating conditions will be the end of the game, and give scores. And "Harvest Moon" series of elements in the two pillars: first, the protagonist's life for clues to the life simulation; Second, pasture management simulation for the stage. Each player will play for their own way through the different life experiences. It is because with this simple but profound theme of the game, Harvest Moon, many fans are starting from the first as has been supporting to the present. And as this series in all the popular models, enthusiasts is increasing, many new gamers are beginning to play the ranch. And this series has been good reputation, very few critical comments, which extended over ten years of the game in the series is quite rare.

Second, the PSP-exclusive:

PSP PSP exclusive game: "Harvest Moon: honey village and the aspirations of the villagers" (Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley) stage will be set in the "no time of life" for two years after the amusement park to be built into the village honey in. Players will be transformed into a goddess of the task entrusted to the village to save a city boy. In the future, players will be together with the simple villagers concerted effort to change the village for the new face of the party.


Bokujou Monogatari 02
Third, the system features:

In "Harvest Moon: honey village and the aspirations of the villagers", the players play under the name of the protagonist to organize farm his grandfather left behind things, and came from the city after two years will be spent in this village and converted into amusement park honey village. Originally intended to stay only a few days of the protagonist, accidentally met in the village goddess and ordinary people can not see the wizard. Goddess of the protagonist of this village will soon disappear this fact and ask the protagonist to find ways to preserve the village and this piece of nature. Players must talk with the villagers to obtain clues to save the village, and in the event of an attempt to defeat the villains in the construction of the amusement park, disappeared from the village in the successful rescue, the players will be able to experience unlimited pleasure ranch life.

1. Players will control the future of the village:

Save the honey approach is not only one village, the game sequence of actions by players will be divided into 16 branch lines. The outcome of the different branches, to meet the future will vary. In addition to the outcome even if the game, players can still choose to look after the honey adaptation of the village continue to live until the players meet up.


Bokujou Monogatari 03
2. To achieve the aspirations of the villagers:

Cultivated crops, breeding animals, the CPC through the ranch game series mode of operation. The desire to complete the villagers, a little village in the face of change. Side of the ranch, while the search for ways to save the village bar.

3. In love with the same elements:

The essence of love as a series of one factor, of course not less. Players can invite the girls like to date, when the conditions are met also with other "total plunge." But players have to be careful, there are some rival oh.


Bokujou Monogatari 04
4. Home Facilities Upgrade:

"Harvest Moon" series at home is to allow players to advance through the sleep time, or make an important local dishes. The facilities of this kind for the home will be an unprecedented enrichment. Types of TV programs broadcast will also be a substantial increase, from which players can gather more information.

5. To enrich the game contains elements:

Game contains a lot of ranch life outside of the game elements, such as the mining of ore (mining), to develop their own horse to participate in competitions. Types of games generally use the small form of the game. Each pasture can allow players to experience a new sense of outside.


Bokujou Monogatari 05
Simulation of the PSP handheld operating exclusively new work: "Harvest Moon: honey village and the aspirations of the villagers," currently scheduled for the end of October 2010 for sale in the UK. For those who prefer "Harvest Moon" series of games old and new players should not miss this this for. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 24)
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