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Burnout Legends Greatest Hits
psp games Title: Burnout Legends North America Cheap Edition 4 / Burnout Legends / Burnout Legends driver / Burnout Revenge

English name: Burnout Legends: Greatest Hits

Production company: Criterion Games

Agent Release: EA Games

Genre: RAC - Race Game (Speed racing game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: May 16, 2006 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: 19.99

Official Website:

Burnout Legends 01

First, the "Greatest Hits plan" related news:

After half a year of rumors of price cuts and new models of a variety of news, SCEA has finally made the U.S. action: General Edition PSP price in North America starting in April 2007 formally reduced to 169 dollars less than the original price the 30 U.S. dollars. In addition, SCEA also announced for the PSP will launch low-cost series of games "Greatest Hits" (Cheap Edition program in North America), the first will add two new works, namely the "Daxter" and "siphon soldier: black mirror," the two Department of North American popular high work.

"We have been committed to delivering the best entertainment experience, the PSP offers a new price, and the team have greatly enriched the Greatest Hits games lineup, reflecting the expansion of our PSP user group's efforts." SCE president and chief CEO Jack Tretton said, "We are very pleased to PSP, such a life-cycle stages for the players to save money, so more people can experience the PSP. In addition, we have recently found that young people use the PSP's population is more and more, they are the PSP handheld entertainment as the preferred platform, we believe that the new price will push this trend. "
Burnout Legends 02
As of the end of 2006, PSP has shipped worldwide 25 million units in December 2006 only the actual sales of PSP in North America more than 100 million units shipped last year to improve its software to 90 million units. I believe in the PSP 2007 will be further accelerated with the introduction of more substantial software lineup, already established there, "Mars", "Ratchet & Clank," "Navy Seals", "siphon Warrior" series of new works.

Second, the game Description: (the following from "EA official website of Taiwan Province")

Please fasten your seat belts players, because then it will trip a bumpy journey!

The home host the fastest and most dangerous racers are now available through the "Burnout Legends 4" (Burnout Legends) a PSP handheld entertainment system, the fastest and most dangerous race hands down. Award-winning series of games speed, dynamic and driving style, the first time, "Burnout Legends 4," These classic features and PSP-specific features, gameplay and online features combine with each other. In order to study the walking very fast-paced games to play, "Burnout Legends 4" include a "Burnout," "Burnout 2" and "Burnout 3" hot track, and completely against the PSP's aggressive racing redesign.

Burnout Legends 03
"4 Burnout Legends" through a new vehicle, can unlock the surprise content, and nine updated classic gameplay modes, including crashes, driving fast, chasing race and destroy game, etc., to give a new definition of Road Rage. Through the "Burnout Legends 4" multiplayer options, including WiFi duel, custom mini-tournaments and wireless gaming sharing feature that lets my friends through a UMD disc to play against, so that players put countless hours .

1, there is no burden on the speed of pleasure: "Burnout Legends 4" to capture this series of explosive speed and excitement, bringing PSP's fastest, most dangerous racing experience, so you have time to even blink.

Second, this is the best, "Burnout 4": "Burnout 4" to "Burnout" in the history of track and rear-ended the best intersection completely re-design: all is to meet the PSP's aggressive driving style and thorough suppression.

Third, the wireless multiplayer game: Players can be four WiFi online mode, in racing, crashes, chase and Road Rage game mode and competing against friends.

4, Custom Championship: "Burnout 4" wireless mode allows players to build multi-event competitions among people cycle. This allows players to just grip the steering wheel, instead of in the hall to search for matching games.

Fifth, can unlock the amazing content: each a "Burnout Legends 4" game will be solved 25 randomly attached to one of five vehicles. The other 20 models of vehicles can only friends in WiFi challenges and fun to collect.

Burnout Legends 04
6, game sharing: the player can upload a "Burnout Legends 4" points on their friend's PSP so the two can be carried out only one game UMD.

VII rear-ended mode: here! New scoring system, through the addition and multiplication system, stimulate the players to drive into the cars strategically among pursue dream of large-scale, Hollywood-style crashes.

8, chase mode: the police on your back! Driving new police vehicles, launch high-speed chase mouse cat study great game.

9, game modes: "4 Burnout Legends" brings a wide range, for a total of nine game modes, including crashes, chase races, driving fast, the road winds, wiping out competition, racing, time, Challenge, Competition, and the legendary GP Legend competition and so on.

10, Championship Architecture: Construction for the new systems, can bring rewards frequent players, so their willingness to always play the short-lived boost to regain walking.

Third, the game screen: (PICTURE × 23)

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