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Numpla 10000-Mon psp game
psp games Title: Digital Games 10000 Q / Sudoku 10000 Q / Q digital games 10K / 10K Q Sudoku

Japanese Name: ナ ン プ レ 10000 Q

English name: Numpla 10000-Mon

Production company: BLACK JACK / SUCCESS

Agent release: SUCCESS CORPORATION. (Requested Procedure, factories element: Corporation サ ク セ ス)

Game Type: PUZ - Puzzle Game (Puzzle Games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Released by date: April 10, 2008 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 2,940 yen

Official Website:

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Game Description: SUCCESS published by the Japanese company, BLACK JACK PSP puzzle game developed by this: "numbers game 10000 Q" (Numpla 10000-Mon) currently scheduled for April 10, 2008 on sale, priced at just 2,940 yen (tax included) can be said to be very value. This made in March 8, 2007 launched the NDS version, the release of the PSP version will have a 10,000-called digital puzzle bring you PSP gamers, how the PSP version you have to spend a long time to pass off?

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Play a collection of logic puzzles are popular all over the world "Sudoku" 10000 Q! This section allows beginners to master can be accepted and can have fun puzzle game! "Sudoku" (SUDUKU) The word comes from Japanese, means "single number" or "only occurs once the number." Generally speaking, it is a complete numbers game. As players prepared for the five level of difficulty, players can choose according to their level. Rules of the game is very simple and completely not being used in the refined mathematical calculations, only the use of logical reasoning ability, so one of the younger men and women both young and old, everyone can play. And easy start, easy to addiction, a play on the addiction. Just nine of nine big box small box filled from the numbers 1 to 9 numbers can not repeat. It is also beyond the barriers to writing, so since the emergence, from the East to the West, swept millions of people.

Game screen: (PICTURE × 21)

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