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Every Word's a Winner.Scrabble - Crossword Game
"Graffiti spelling" (SCRABBLE) (ULUS-10412 | 72828AD25A84D359 | 0001 | G)

Game Title: graffiti spelling / spelling games / puzzles / graphic panels Games / chaotic spelling / rigged

English name: Every Word's a Winner.Scrabble - Crossword Game

Production company: EA GAME / Henry Hassenfeld

Agent release: Electronic Arts Inc.

Game Type: PUZ - Puzzle Game (Puzzle Games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: March 17, 2009 (PSP U.S. version)

Price: $: 29.99 U.S. dollars

Official Website:

Scrabble 01

Game Description: The world's second largest Game publisher American Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that the United States will work with Hasbro ( Henry Hassenfeld) Entertainment Group, co-toy, the PSP, NDS PSP and the Xbox LIVE platform to launch a class fill in the blank letter word puzzle game: "graffiti spelling" in English formerly known as: "Scrabble". Games are currently scheduled in the spring of 2009 sold in North America, including PSP and NDS physical CD will be available, while the XBOX 360 to put LIVE Marketplace to download version.

1, English spelling game:

"SCRABBLE" is the United States Hasbro (Henry Hassenfeld) Group in the United States and Canada registered trademarks of, and early Scrabble is a well-known English language Western plate game. In a 15 × 15 grid plates, the 2-4 participants to spell words and score. Vocabulary crossword way to set out anyway, and must be included in the special dictionary. Different letters have different scores are based on a standard written English, set frequency, such as the E and O are often only worth 1 point, but not common values of Q and Z is 10. Plate on the grid with different colors, participants could earn extra points.


Scrabble 02
Second, the main game play:

PSP version of "graffiti spelling" (Scrabble) will have a variety of game modes, players can rival Competition crossword speed, so the number of spelling success. For example: the game a 15 × 15 grid of plates on each cell can only put one letter card, two to four participants to spell words and score. But in the official competition, usually by two or two teams play against. Important feature of the game is the bonus boxes different colors: dark red (vocabulary scores by 3), pink (vocabulary scores by 2), dark blue (letter score by 3), light blue (letter score by 2). The middle of the box painted with an asterisk (H8) is a pink box. In addition, a large number of mini-games will also be a major selling point of this for. PSP version also supports them through the WIFI multiplayer online games.


Scrabble 03
Third, scoring method:

"Scrabble" game to "xy word score" or "word xy Score" approach points, including representatives of word x where the row or column (act number "1-15", as the letters "A to O"), y for the Vocabulary a letter where the columns and rows. Even if the letter word consisting of more than one license, it only listed one of them. Blank cards are listed in lower case, while it has the letters on the plate are marked in parentheses.


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4, acceptable vocabulary (limited English):

Games are usually specified before the start of a reference dictionary, all terms in the dictionary, and the changes were accepted on behalf of shape; However, there is a hyphen, at the beginning of the calculation of capital or foreign words are not. Variant spellings, slang or foul language, obsolete or ancient words, professional terms, subject to other conditions that may be accepted.


Scrabble 05
PSP version and the NDS version of "graffiti spelling" (Scrabble) currently scheduled for the end of March 2009 for sale in North America. As before and this has in Nokia Symbian (Symbian) phone and Apple launched the iPhone mobile phone, the EA license from the Hasbro produced, so that more games like Scrabble players can experience the making, this should be a good choice. However, the domestic players, want to play a good game, certainly need to have some grounding in English. In short, like puzzle game, do not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 17)
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