Kamurocho Burns in the Next Yakuza Game

SEGA is gearing up for its next PS3 Yakuza bold announcement, set to yield abode at this year's Tokyo Bold Show.

They've provided just a brace of hints as to what we can apprehend so far:

Up at top, the accepted calendar of playable characters for the game. The calendar includes Goro Majima, Kiryu Kazuma, Shun Akiyama and Ryuji Goda.

This is a aberrant calendar indeed. They're all from accomplished Yakuza games. Kiryu is, of course, the capital appearance for the series. Akiyama was one of the playable characters in Yakuza 4. At atomic one of the four is declared to be dead. And none of them should be accretion accoutrements like that.

Below is a attempt of the capital access to the game's primary ambience of Kamurocho. It looks like something abhorrent has happened (or maybe not so terrible, accustomed the algae that resides in Kamurocho and its absolute apple analogue Kabukicho).

All should be austere up arch up to next month's Tokyo Bold Show. At present, SEGA hasn't even provided a name for the new game, but we're apropos to it as Yakuza 5 back it seems to be the next capital band bold to chase PS3's Yakuza 4.