Mafia II: Absolute PS3 Missions Preview

People accept been cat-and-mouse for Mafia II for a while. A continued while. Thankfully, the delay is about over, and if you're acrimonious up the PlayStation 3 adaptation of the game, the pot is that abundant sweeter acknowledgment to the absolute "Betrayal of Jimmy" DLC pack. This download, which is chargeless with every new archetype of the bold or accessible for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store, contains added than 25 "arcade-style" missions that run the area from the burglary cars to affairs off assassinations.

Sounds good, but you knew all that, right? We appear on this being a few weeks ago. Now, however, we've been advantageous abundant to in fact play the aboriginal three missions.

Click actuality to watch the DLC in action.

In this backpack of quests, you're not traveling to play as the capital appearance of Mafia II's story. Instead, you're Jimmy, a assassin blackmailer who alone cares about the mission and money at hand. The aboriginal mission opens with a cutscene anecdotal by Jimmy as he bashes his car windows, ancestor bodies and goes through some analogously abominable acts. Jimmy ends his discourse by cogent you this is the day he gets "f***ed."

I didn't get to that allotment in his story, but I did get to breach about the streets of Empire Bay and bash some fools. My aboriginal mission just had me announcement guys and aggravating to accomplish a getaway. This was the Mafia II gameplay we've accounting about so abounding times before. Jimmy was able to yield awning on cars, about-face weapons with the D-Pad, and so on. The accession actuality was that if I whacked guys, I was accepting points. Pop a guy in the arch with my Tommy gun, and a little "+100" would pop up. Chain kills calm and I'd get a bonus. If I climbed in the car and started branch against the safe house, I could net added credibility by dispatch and drifting. If I fabricated it to the safe house, a account agenda popped up to let me apperceive how abounding kills I had racked up and gave me a letter grade.

This is the basal bureaucracy for anniversary of these missions. You cull one off, get a cutscene, and afresh are alone aback into boondocks to accept the next bite-sized chance on your map. You charge to complete that mission afore the upper-right timer expires. For me, the additional one was to drive into Chinatown and shoot up a agglomeration of shops so that the owners got the bulletin that they shouldn't blend with my boss.

This was a lot tougher than it sounds.

As I collection over to the area I started speeding, and a casual cop approved to be a hero and cull me over. I murdered him, and this aloft my capital level. I cruised into Chinatown and begin the boutique I was beatific to abort heavily attentive – and I had casual cops endlessly to try and yield me down. I died. I approved again, acclimated the toggle-speed advantage to set my best acceleration to the acknowledged limit, and got over there. Again, I was mowed down. This happened a few added times.