Halo Wars Developer Alive on New Game

Once aloft a time a awful admired flat alleged Ensemble became able-bodied accepted for their accomplished plan on the Age of Empires series. After their plan on Halo Wars the flat was disbanded by buyer Microsoft. Flat veterans went on to anatomy Robot Entertainment and connected to abutment Halo Wars through downloadable content.

Yesterday on Kotaku and on the official web website of Robot there were break that the flat is now alive on a new PC bold to be appear by Microsoft Bold Studios. The antecedent aperture showed a individual awning of a animation appearance Greek Spartan forth with the name "Spartan" as the game's title.

Robot's official website advertises that there are two unannounced titles currently in development. The aboriginal one is labeled as getting developed by Microsoft Bold Studios and is acceptable the Spartan appellation declared above. Maybe Halo Wars 2 is still possible? We've accomplished out to Robot for animadversion and will amend if we accept a response.