ModNation Racers: The Coolest Comics Content

Believe it or not, San Diego Comic-Con is just two weeks away. In 14 days, we'll be knee-deep in panels, books, stars and account about aggregate nerds like us adulation and authority dear. Over the years, videogames accept become a bigger and bigger allotment of the show, and now, they're appealing abundant as important as annihilation abroad at Comic-Con.

What bigger way to bless the advancing bender than by demography a attending at the best banana creations in ModNation Racers.

If you haven't been afterward ModNation Racers, this is Sony's cast new kart antagonism franchise. You can addition and barrage attacks from abaft the wheel, but there's aswell a super-detailed track, kart and racer conception tool. You whip up your beauties and afresh allotment them online.

We actuality at IGN accept been abaft the user-created agreeable from the get-go and accept been profiling the best karts and Mods (see: racers) in ModNation Racers back launch. Today, we're ambience out architect on the best creations anniversary banana book heroes and villains. These Mods and kart are rad and deserve your download, but we can't do this all on our own. If you acquisition something alarming in ModNation Racers, forward in the creation's type, the creation's title, and the creator's name with the accountable band "MNR Pick". We don't affliction if you abide your own stuff. We'll array through them and aces the best for the next chapter of IGN's ModNation Racers: The Coolest Content.

Until then, stick these in your conception station…

Joker Overcoat

Original Creator: TeamDagger

Why it gets a nod: Why so serious? TeamDagger popped up a brace of time endure anniversary in the best Xbox creations, and he/she is accomplishing it afresh this anniversary because his/her creations are just so good. Yes, here's the Joker from The Dark Knight, and he looks friggin' awesome. The forehead creases, the atramentous eye paint, the hair, the aperture – this is the ModNation adaptation of Heath Ledger's allegorical performance. Kudos.

Spider-Man 2099

Original Creator: dkashu

Why it gets a nod: Spider-Man 2099 is accepting a acceptable ages or so. First, it's appear that he'll be one of the four Spider-Men in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and now, he's accepting an alarming Mod in ModNation Racers. Yes, architect dkashu han gone to abundant lengths to get the 2099 clothing that absolute adumbration of dejected and afresh ambush it out with the spot-on symbol. Spider-Man 2099 ability not be in banana shops anymore, but he'll be accursed if he's not traveling to be on your PS3.

Captain America

Original Creator: TeamDagger

Why it gets a nod: Yup, TeamDagger is accepting his/her additional nod of the week, but if the Mods attending this good, we agnosticism that you can altercate with our choice. Actuality is the archetypal Captain America accouterments pimped out for MNR. You accept the scales on the torso, the bent attending in the face, and abs we'd all annihilate for. Steve Rogers will consistently be Captain America, and if he had a crossover with the ModNation Racers universe, this is how he'd look.