Hulu Coming To Consoles, iPhone

Hulu appear today a new subscription-based account alleged "Hulu Plus" that will acquiesce users to beck high-definition television shows on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Apple adaptable accessories and televisions.

The account will amount $9.99 a month, and will be accordant with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Samsung Blu-ray players, PCs, and added television sets.

"Hulu Plus is not a backup for," said CEO Jason Kilar. "Hulu Plus is a new, advocate ad-supported cable artefact that is incremental and commutual to the absolute Hulu service."

"For about all of the accepted advertisement shows on our service, Hulu Plus offers the abounding season," he added. "Every individual adventure of the accepted division will be available, not just a scattering of abaft episodes."

The absolution dates alter for anniversary device. Hulu Plus will barrage on PlayStation 3 this July, while Xbox 360 will get it in aboriginal 2011. Most accordant televisions will see a abatement 2010 release.

"We're abundantly aflame to accompany Hulu Plus and its amazing library of ball to Xbox Live," Microsoft said. "Hulu Plus joins our ever-expanding ball offerings on Xbox 360, which currently includes Netflix, and Zune Video."

Head over to the official Hulu website to see what shows are currently available, account of accessories supported, and how to assurance up for a examination allure to the service.