Microsoft Site Prices Kinect

Microsoft has listed the standalone Kinect kit at $149.99, traveling some way to acknowledging the amount point that's circumscribed up beyond retail sites over the accomplished week.

A page on Microsoft's official abundance reveals the amount point alongside a bulk of abstruse blueprint as able-bodied as advertisement what the $149.99 gets you. The backpack includes the 640 x 480 camera as able-bodied as a wi-fi addendum cable and a ability accumulation cable. If you've beneath than 6 anxiety additional in your active room/gaming alcove you charge not administer as this is what's listed as appropriate to get Kinect up and running.

Microsoft has been contacted to verify the advertisement and affirm how it'll construe to EU, UK and AU. Is $149.99 too abundant or is this in band with what you're accommodating to pay for Kinect? There's a comments acreage below: use it.

Update: Microsoft responded adage the amount for Kinect is still not final.