Trainers Brave the Calefaction for Pokemon Tournament

Another summer weekend, addition Pokemon Bounded tournament. The clash has fabricated it's way down the west bank and is affective civil against the baking desert. Hope you accept a arena Pokemon to abide the accident of Sandstorm.

This weekend's bounded clash took abode on Phoenix AZ, which agency that anybody in appearance is 400 times added of a Pokemon fan than you. Accept you been to Arizona in May? It's hotter than a Heattran's Pokeballs and it hasn't even gotten to be Summer yet. The absolute accompaniment is looks like Team Magma's endgame if they approved to dry up the absolute ocean. Little apperceive fact, we acquired Samuel Claiborn afterwards he fled from Arizona as a sunburnt refugee.

Where was I? Oh yes, Pokemon! So cipher died of calefaction stroke, but they did appearance up in droves to action it out. This is the abutting clash for the SouCal residents, so there were affluence of them in appearance as well.

Check out these winners, Wade Stanley and Josh Bujanda! They kept their air-conditioned and took aboriginal place!