Square Enix Sees Record Sales and Earnings

Last year, Square Enix's absolution agenda had that bewitched leash of numbered Final Fantasy, numbered Dragon Quest, and numbered Kingdom Hearts (well, it did accept numbers in the name!). The result? How about some almanac sales and profits for the Japanese RPG giant?

As appear in an balance conference today, Square Enix saw in the antecedent budgetary year its accomplished sales and balance back the 2003 Square and Enix merger. The company's amateur analysis (Square Enix aswell has publishing, amusement, affairs and adaptable buzz agreeable divisions) saw a 128.4% access in sales from endure year to 109,949 actor yen. Operating assets was up 254% over endure year to 23,814 actor yen.

One of the big affidavit for the differences is that Dragon Quest IX, which has awash over four actor copies in Japan alone, was originally declared to accept appear out in the antecedent budgetary term, but concluded up slipping. This larboard the 2009 to 2010 budgetary year arranged with multimillion affairs hits.

Final Fantasy XIII was the top agent for the company, with 5.55 actor units, breach 1.85 actor for Japan, 1.79 actor for North America, 1.77 actor for Europe and 0.14 actor for Asia/other.

Dragon Quest IX, although appear alone in Japan, was the additional accomplished title, with 4.26 actor units. It exhausted the multiplatform Batman Arkham Asylum, which awash 3.24 actor units worldwide, 1.89 actor in North America, 1.39 actor in Europe and a beggarly 0.03 actor in Japan.

Also affairs aloft the actor mark over the year were Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days at 1.49 actor and Dragon Quest VI at 1.29 million. DQVI was Japan-only.

Japan aswell saw Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on PSP. This awash 0.76 actor units afterward its January 2010 release. International releases are planned for aboriginal September.

Total software units awash for the year accomplished 26.66 actor worldwide. This is about 10 actor college than the antecedent record, 2007's 16.93 actor units.

Not surprisingly, Square Enix expects sales to calm just a bit. For the accepted year, the aggregation expects 24 actor software units, with North America and Europe accounting for a greater allotment compared to endure year.

Square Enix aswell expects bargain sales and operating income, appropriately 160,000 actor yen and 20,000 actor yen.