Guide to Gaming Getaways

The videogame apple contains some of the a lot of assorted and breathtaking landscapes imaginable. Whether you're searching for top adventure, a adequate layover or something in between, you'll acquisition something to adulation here. From affected cityscapes to absorbing hamlets, there's incomparable array to clothing the tastes of every traveler. While fun, afoot to abroad agenda destinations can be a arresting and sometimes absolute alarming experience. But don't worry. We're actuality to help! With IGN's Guide to Gaming Getaways, your next basic vacation will be a breeze.


Population: [Unknown]

Getting There
If you've already settled on touring the historic detention center at Nova Prospekt then it's only a short train ride to City 17. However, the real joy of making your way to the City comes with a drive down Highway 17. This coastal jaunt has plenty of scenic views and is dotted with local wildlife (antlions), beautiful vistas, and pockets of human resistance making a last stand against the Combine.

It's unlikely that you'll be able to salvage one of the wrecked vehicles along Highway 17. We recommend renting a Dune Buggy in Nova Prospekt instead. Or, if you're looking for something with a bit more punch, rent one of several reconstituted Dodge Chargers. If you choose to hike along coast, be warned that the local wildlife will do its best to dismember you.

Exploring Ravenholm
Don't let the naysayers fool you. Though Ravenholm has developed a bad reputation due to its zombie population and head crab infestation, there are plenty of cheap thrills available to the imaginative visitor.

- Tour the rustic village using the series of catwalks constructed above street level.
- Visit the church where Father Grigori slaughtered the remaining zombie population out of mercy.
- Tour the mines.
- Fight for survival.
- Take a load off in any of Ravenholm's dark corners that aren't infested with head crabs or drenched in the blood of those who have died before you.

In and Around City 17
If you arrive by train look out for pickpockets and move quietly through the processing line. Some visitors have complained of brutal interrogations upon arrival but those are most likely the exaggerated complaints of weary travelers.

While exploring City 17, start in the city square and head for the closest open Combine roadblock. Though most of the city's architecture dates back to well before the occupation by interdimensional beings, the dark blue hues of the Overwatch equipment plays nicely off of the pre-war "Eastern bloc" concrete structures.

Welcome. Welcome to City 17.

Fun Facts

- Razor trains will annihilate you instantly.

- The canals are radioactive.

- Dr. Breen cares acutely for you.

Off the Beaten Path

If you annoy of the connected hum of the activity walls or just wish to get out and explore, yield a cruise to the White Forest. Be warned that the trails are for average to avant-garde hikers alone and a lot of anchorage arch into the breadth are in astringent disrepair.

Where to Stay

Most of the animal citizenry has been "relocated" so you get to acquire the benefits. Pick any of the barrio about the alternation base and you're acceptable to acquisition an accessible allowance area you can broad for free. Some of these apartment aswell accept baby courtyards area the adolescent ones can adore adulatory admission to a swingset, seesaw, and alone toys.