PlayStation 2 De-listed From NPD

It was apprenticed to appear eventually. This ages the NPD Group, which advance sales of videogame accouterments and software, clearly removed the PlayStation 2 from its charts. After a 10-year run, Sony's arrangement has assuredly slowed down, allegedly eclipsed by its younger, sleeker sibling.

From now on, if you're apprehensive how abounding PS2 systems accept awash in a accustomed month, you'll accept to physically airing to the Radio Shack at the band capital and ask the abundance manager. In amid aside sobs, IGN PlayStation Executive Editor Greg Miller bidding apricot accepting of the news.

"It's absorbing but not unexpected," he said. "The PlayStation 2 turns 10 years old in October. Although the arrangement is still affairs well, it's bright that its best canicule are abaft it and Sony's absorption on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. PS2 amateur are few and far between, so it's time to get on with our lives. Able-bodied done, PS2. Enjoy retirement."

The PS2's NPD abatement comes at a time if the Nintendo DS is fast abutting the point area it will beat Sony's arrangement as the acknowledged videogame accouterments ever. The NPD Group expects the DS will beat the PS2's install abject by October or December of this year.