Scribblenauts 2 is Super

Remember Scribblenauts? You should: it was one of the best affairs Nintendo DS amateur endure year, affairs added than a million. And success begets sequels: Scribblenauts 2 was appear beforehand this year to be in development at 5th Cell for absolution after in 2010.

But there's been a namechange. Amazon may accept let the cat out of the bag with an aboriginal advertisement backward endure week, but Warner Bros. has fabricated it official this morning: Scribblenauts 2 will now be accepted as Super Scribblenauts. It's about like we're aback in 1991!

Super Scribblenauts builds aloft the abstraction accustomed in the aboriginal Scribblenauts: adjure up annihilation in the bold by autograph its name. If you wish to break a addle with a refrigerator, a angular or a skateboard, well, that's your choice. In the sequel, adjectives appear into play so you can change the look, size, blush and behavior of the article you wish to accompany to life.

Watch for a absolution of Super Scribblenauts this fall.