Mass Effect 2 Patched

BioWare has put out a application for the Xbox 360 adaptation of Mass Effect 2, acclimation some bugs and authoritative a few attenuate changes to the gameplay. If you cossack up the bold while affiliated to Xbox Live, you'll be prompted to download this application automatically. Wondering what's been fixed? Here's the abounding rundown:

-Scanning for minerals has been optimized

-Fixed an affair with appearance all entries as beheld in the Journal

-Fixed an affair apropos to argument and the card screen

-Fixed an affair apropos to players starting a new bold and loading a save

-Fixed assorted issues if loading a save absolute DLC if DLC isn't present

-Fixed an affair with ammo aflame if it can't be best up

-Fixed an affair with crosshairs

-Fixed an affair with Grunt's Fortification power

-Fixed an affair with enemies and cover

-Fixed an affair area players could accept added aptitude points

-Fixed an affair area band associates would overwrite ammo admiral the amateur had assigned them