Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 76

What it is! It's Monday, so it have to be time for addition Nintendo Voice Chat! Your boys Craig Harris, Scott Bromley, Sam Claiborn, and Jack DeVries are here, additional the consistently absorbing and consistently German Peer Schneider authoritative his august NVC return!

We've got Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the office, so we beatnik out about that a accomplished bunch. We approved to accumulate it addle-brain chargeless for you all, so we don't accord abroad the catastrophe or annihilation (Mario dies. Like 20 times. At atomic that's Craig's ending).

We aswell allocution about our appointment apartment and the impaired things we called them, and Jack hates the new Pokemon silhouettes because he's a Nintendo fan and hates change!

Oh, and we accredit to this air-conditioned commodity about the Top 10 Mario Suits, so analysis it out!