UFC Undisputed: Building a Bigger Game

At a contempo UFC Undisputed 2010 columnist accident in New York, New York, we sat down with two of the artistic minds abaft the bold for an all-embracing chat about this year's changes. Omar Kendall, a artist on the games, and ambassador Nevin Dravinski discussed all aspects of Undisputed 2010, from the new fighter-specific moves, to the challenges of advice alloyed aggressive arts to a videogame...and THQ's antecedent all-overs apropos the game's complexity.

Nevin Dravinski: I apprehend your BJ commodity [The BJ Penn Interview]. We did accord him altered chokes. Like his arm allurement rear naked choke--he has that in the game. So we absolutely yield that array of being into account.

IGN: I noticed traveling through the create-a-fighter approach for the new game, a lot of the moves you can accept are called afterwards fighters.

Nevin: Assertive guys accept unique, appropriate moves. Like, you accept a Lyoto-specific kick, you accept a GSP-specific maneuver. There is dash for assertive fighters who are traveling to accept that affectionate of a custom move that you can aces in create-a-fighter, and if you wish to get that move in career approach you go to their affected and plan with them to get it.

Omar Kendall: Gabriel Gonzaga fought Crocop with a actual acclaimed arch bang finish. We were like, "I bet you players ability like to do that," so we put that in the game. Or GSP's got a acclaimed appearance of throwing a superman punch, we anticipation maybe players will wish to do that.

Omar: Yup. We had this awe-inspiring affair endure year area we had to adjudge the arresting techniques and grappling techniques. Joe Stevenson and Nate Marquardt are atramentous belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, right? Neither one of them would anytime be bent accomplishing elastic guard. It's not in their repertoire, it's not what they do. So we said, "Oh, accept we'll accomplish them wrestlers and accord them abundant stats." We were never absolutely annoyed with that. That's one of the things that went into us ditching that mentality and divvying abilities a la carte. Now we can say, assumption what? Joe Stevenson is a atramentous belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and if he gets you in a decollate choke...he's traveling to get the decollate choke. So we can accord him a very, actual able alone acquiescence after accepting to see him in elastic guard.

Nevin: That was that archetype I brought up of leveling up a assertive submission. So if you akin your created fighter's move from akin one to akin three, that gives us that opportunity. For example, not all decollate chokes are created the same. Joe Daddy's is gonna be bigger than somebody else, and that's based on watching fights and how they perform.

There's traveling to be a lot added investment on the association ancillary to affectionate of say, hey, anniversary guy is in fact different. This is what they can do, this is what they can't do in assertive positions. Assertive guys are inherently bigger depending on the position you gave them. Omar's got his favorites obviously...

Omar: Can't allocution about 'em!