Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP Pack 2 Impressions

DICE and EA appear an amend for Battlefield Bad Company 2 this anniversary unlocking new modes on two of their absolute multiplayer maps, Arica Harbor and Laguna Presa. Ordinarily, this would accession little fanfare, but in the case of Bad Company 2, bold modes radically affect maps and how they play. With that in mind, I spent some time this anniversary with this "new" content, which is chargeless to VIP users (i.e., those who bought Bad Company 2 new and entered their VIP code) to get an abstraction of just what these additions accompany to Bad Company 2's multiplayer.

Laguna Presa - Rush

Previously a acquisition alone map, DICE has apparent fit to accord Blitz on the island boscage of Laguna Presa. While this is one of the bigger Acquisition maps in Bad Company 2, it finds new activity in Rush. As with added maps in Blitz mode, the date is disconnected into 5 sections. Things alpha in a ahead bare area of the map, and play gets agitated quickly. There's absolutely a bit of decaying area and boscage in Laguna Presa, and about three hundred and forty seven agency into the abject for the attackers. This leaves defenders scrambling from hot point to hot point to amphitheater about and ambush attackers while still befitting aural ambit of the M-Com stations to conciliate them.

From there (because in my time with the maps appropriately far, it's actual attenuate for the defenders to stop the added aggregation at the aboriginal station), the activity circles counter-clockwise about the map. I can't accent abundant how bound things disentangle on Laguna Presa; defenders bent blind can be beat in actual abbreviate adjustment for a lot of of the map's sections, but if they're smart, they'll use the boscage areas for awning and amphitheater about blind attackers. Vehicles can be dangerous, but there are so abounding chokepoints about that they rarely leave the bout lopsided. As counterbalanced and fun as Laguna Presa is in Blitz mode, I'm somewhat afraid this wasn't included at launch. This ability just be my admired map in all of Bad Company 2.

Arica Harbor – Conquest

Unfortunately, things are beneath aflush in Arica Harbor. As a Blitz map, Arica Harbor does alright. The attributes of Blitz agency that one ancillary can alpha with an advantage that's eventually taken from them as action moves to new sections, so the acme advantage that attackers accept on the additional set of objectives is mitigated by added area after on. Unfortunately, in Conquest, the top arena that starts off the additional set of M-Coms in blitz approach serves as the American spawn, abrogation that ancillary with a askew advantage for the absolute match.

Because of this, Acquisition approach on Arica Harbor tends to favor one aggregation for the absolute match, decidedly if one aggregation is even hardly bigger at alive calm than the other. It's a map I can see sending me aback to the capital card if it comes up in rotation, and I'm not abiding that there's annihilation that can absolutely be done to antithesis the map added adequately (other than relocating the flags).

It's harder to "review" the new content, back it's chargeless for anyone who bought the bold new. There's no acumen not to play it – in fact, there's no way to abstain arena it on PS3 and Xbox 360, as these bold types are in circling now and assume to be bustling up regularly. The acceptable account is that added than some acclimation issues with Africa Harbor in Conquest, the bold charcoal a bang to play (and my accepted multiplayer admired on consoles).

Curious about the "new" maps? You can set your options to attending for matches on specific maps and gametypes from the multiplayer options and Blitz or Acquisition your accuracy out.