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"Rugby League Challenge" (RUGBY LEAGUE CHALLENGE) (ULES-01283 | FF825C36C6D1E5EB | 0001 | G)


 Game Name: Rugby League Challenge Cup / Rugby League Challenge Cup

 English name: Rugby League Challenge

 Production Manufacturer: Wicked Witch Software

 Agent Release: Tru Blu Entertainment

 Game Type: SPG - Sports Game (sports, rugby games)

 Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

 Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

 Language Version: English (European version, the Australian version)

 Issue date: September 10, 2009

 Official website:


Rugby Union (in English: Rugby League), is a direct development out of a rugby team, ball games, so named because of their organization name. Rugby League competition played both factions to 13 players, the venue for the rectangular grass pitch at both ends of each one "H"-type goal. Purpose of the competition was rushed to the other ball behind the goal line to score the ball hit the ground, called touchdowns; or to get in the game to play over the bar at the top of the scoring goal. When the game at the end of time in order to score more wins. Competition process, the defending party may Tackle the attacking side to hold the players to stop its offensive, but the manner and location of Tackle that there are restrictions in order to avoid player injuries.


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Rugby League Challenge