Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

PSP Go Games Name: Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos / Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos / Queen's Sword: Spiral Chaos / Queen's Sword: chaotic spiral


Japanese Name:クインズブReiースドライルカオAiluropodaス


English name: Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos (Gekitou Pack)




Agent Distributor: BANDAI NAMCO GAMES INC.


Game Type: S · RPG - Simulation + Role Playing Game (strategy + role-playing game)


Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1


Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プReiステーションポTatariブール)


Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)


FAT Sell Date: December 17, 2009 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)


Reference Price: Usually Edition 6,090 yen


Reference price: the early return to limited production of "Battle Pack" 10,290 yen


Official website:



Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game
Japan NBGI production, distribution, exclusively by the PSP handheld is scheduled to launch in winter 2009. With best-selling "game watch the book" (Visual Book) turned into a handheld PSP strategy role-playing S · RPG new work: "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" (Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos). This make is adapted from a November 2005 press release from the Hobby JAPAN The Battle-type "game watch the book" (Visual Book) ─ ─ ─ "Queen's Blade" (also translated as: "Queen's Blade," "Queen of the Sword , "" Queen of the sword ", etc.) series.
Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game
Go to the original in a number of well-known illustrators draw full-color illustrations, introduction by the enthusiastic response of readers, has so far launched 19 kinds of different roles and editions, with sales over 300,000. The launch of the new works will be included with the original and the original game, including more than 19 sexy female roles, while the game will also inherited the role of the original set, sexy clothing and extreme performances features allow players to experience the ultra-ambitious "US-warriors" fun fight. At present for the official website has been officially opened, and the Limited Edition contents released the latest images and game information such as player information for you.
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First, the original outline:
1. American Style:
"Queen's Blade" (Queen's Blade) was originally a desktop Battle game, has now grown to animation, comics, games, and other surrounding areas. Of the last century 80's, the U.S. Nova Game Designs had a press release to fantasy as the scene of the Battle of the world game "LOST WORLD" (Lost World), the original role of the principal are based on Warcraft wizard-based configuration, full of American brawny hellcat hardcore style.
2. Authorized adaptation of:
2005 obtained by the Japanese Hobby JAPAN Press, "LOST WORLD" Asian distribution rights, equal emphasis is made in Japan and therefore renamed version started: "Queen's Blade". The new modification of the style, and targets the United States and girl-loving groups, it is supposed to be the strategy of the grid were Battle game, but the United States in the Boobs girl packaging, the album than the game of great significance, but also contributed to the current US-girl Battle Game ─ ─ ─ "Queen's Blade." In addition to the original, comic books, novels, radio CD, pillow, Figure, and many other derivatives are also engaged in development, especially in album sales in all stores Ranking is often first. Works of a number of features is a sexy girl fighters bold US-fighting action.
3. A rich peripheral:
"Queen's Blade," the book was originally sold by the role of Battle as a starting point, further expansion of the area surrounding the last build into a sizable business model. Battle the game in Japan, fans of the book with a very limited and can not be expected to promote the game by itself right help. Therefore, publishers invited many famous artists to draw. Content includes topical Moe's animation elements such as: sexy warrior, Eastern witch, small monsters, ax Lolita, flirtatious sister, and so on. Any hobbies people can find your favorite books, role. In people's acceptance of the role of hand after the launch of Office and the novels, perfect story.
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4. Animated:


Since April 2009 the beginning, "Queen's Blade," an animated version ─ ─ ─ "street fighters" will also be in Japan Chiba TV, TOKYO MX and other TV channels broadcast. Animated version of the story is also based on super-consciousness constitutes a "combat charm" as Aspect, utilizing the original view of the world showing the United States teenage fighters charm. In the animated version of the story, decent sex, Lolita, small devil University, Raisin, cute sexy crush, his sister and other enchanting attractions of the role of the 11 debut. Animation production by the films as "a ride when the 1000: Great Guardians", "MEZZO" such as the ARM-S, animated version of the Shengyou lineup is quite luxurious, including:凌子Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, Aya Hirano, Atsuko Tanaka and other popular Shengyou of participating in the exercise, it is looking forward to full degree!


Second, the story background:


On a variety of sense, for all of this walk the edge of the scale works. Which are both sexy and cute US fighters will be "standing up" to challenge the new enemy! PSP version of "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" (Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos) story is a world of sword and magic to the stage an unknown continent. Local hold regular intervals known as the "Queen's Blade," an arena for competition, on instructions from God to select the most powerful of the most beautiful queen. Continuation of the tradition since the founding of any female over 12 years of age can play, whether a foreigner or a non-human beings, as long as the "female" can play.


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However, this should not obscure the mainland has given rise to the existence of the mysterious Monster base and wreak havoc everywhere, making the original cast of the uneasy peace in the continent the haze, someone secretly trying to steer the world towards chaos. Participation "Queen's Blade" in the US fighters were on the road abreast of the situation after the changes, have disposed of the original competition, conspiracy and cooperate in order to get rid of fighting side by side ... ...


Third, the role name, title, and Shengyou list:


"Queen's Blade" is the Hobby JAPAN since 2005, issued by the Battle-type Visual Book (Game viewing the book), is now available in 19 versions of the role. So that readers can carry these books, so that a variety of roles with each other Battle. In addition, because a number of popular writers invited to the role of setting and insert featuring car mapping work, and the content-type full-color printing, even as these books are also very popular album. This time, the game will make the role of comics in the 19 full debut! The following are 19 debut role name, title, and dubbing list:


01. Lena ─ ─ ─ street fighter (Voice: Ayako Kawasumi);


02. Pakistan Musha Miko ─ ─ ─ bar (voice: Noto Mamiko);


03. Nana Yi Lu ─ ─ ─ Bright Angel (voice: Aya Hirano);


04. Library Luo Dete ─ ─ ─ Thundercloud's will (Voice: Atsuko Tanaka);


05. Alina ─ ─ ─ Guards Officer (voice: Water Bridge Kaori);


06. Christie ─ ─ ─ wilderness, righteousness thief (voice: A Kaida child);


07. Jing Xia ─ ─ ─ yuan A magic tolerance Army chiefs (voice: Ikuamame Hitomi);


08. Meiluo Na ─ ─ ─ 1000 change Assassin (voice: Kugimiya Rie);


09. America Nass ─ ─ ─ Ancient King Female (voice: Gotō child);


10. Ike Donna ─ ─ ─ calendar war mercenary (voice: Kaida snow);


11. Elle ─ ─ ─ lured into Ming territory (voice: Ito Kanae);


12. U Mir ─ ─ ─ Steel-hee (voice: Saito Ayaka);


13. Kadelaina ─ ─ ─ weapons estates (voice: teak cool incense);


14. Nova ─ ─ ─ forest guardian (voice: Mikako Takahashi);


15. A Rhine ─ ─ ─ combat instructors (voice: Kitamura pear);


16. Nike Si ─ ─ ─ inflammation of the magic that (voice: Rie Tanaka);


17. Mei Lu France ─ ─ ─ Royal Park Saint dubbing: Sayaka Ohara);


18. Aerdela ─ ─ ─ Every Witch King (voice: Takeuchi Miyu);


19. By Mary Lu ─ ─ ─ teeth of the Assassin (voice: Yui Kano).


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game demo for preview

Fourth, some of the new debut role Description:


This introduces the PSP version of "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" (Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos) debut some of the major roles, including: Lena, Li Sidi, Pakistan, Nova Nana Yi Lu, Eerdela, Iran Selma, strong, clever role of the Principal of about 9.


1. Street fighter ─ ─ ─ Lena (character design: a long line of the macro and, dubbing: Ayako Kawasumi):


Debut: the first series;


Height: 170 cm;


B: 88;


W: 60;


H: 85;


Occupation: risk-takers;


Weapons: sword;


Interests: Practice sword;


Armor: bronze armor, shield, the first ring;


Favorite things: wine;


Annoying things: tights;


Description: Escape tremendous power there is the lives of the nobility are not breathtaking, the pursuit of "real power" and wandering. Lena was wandering around the world risk-takers. Even if the test has already experienced a variety of cruel, her breath is also owned by the noble dust of the earth still has not been dyed. She helped those affected by Bandit or the monster infestation of villages and towns to remove these harmful effects of Taiji living in the ancient ruins of the evil magician inside, she is doing is not for the money and prestige, but from the heart sharpen their own beliefs and with the power to inborn sense of justice. The participants, "Queen's Blade," precisely in order to test their own strength.


She is the second continent after the queen the most powerful people, the true identity of the family is the second daughter of Earl Barnes, and is the first heir. Earl Barnes, however, family is inherited from the "Queen's Blade" system before the start, has dominated the continent's tradition of royal blood family, which is the command of the Queen's forces in the mainland's opposition (conservatives) and a strong presence. Lena right hand sooner or later, however, the great lives of the nobility rights or stifling totally not interested in investing can be bent to show the power of the sword to learn the nature of its own among the.


"Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" game posters 1, click to enter! 2. Wilderness thief ─ ─ ─ Yi Li Sidi (character design: Iwae, dubbing: A sub-Kaida):


Debut: the first series;


Height: 179 cm;


B: 90;


W: 66;


H: 85;


Occupation: Bandit's chieftains;


Weapons: Maces;


Interests: taking a bath;


Armor: breastplate, shield;


Favorite things: meat and wine;


Annoying things: monkeys;


Description: Bandit mission chiefs. Snatch attack led by men of the lord or immoral caravan merchants, grab something to come back fighting merit based on a fair allocation of a large number will be assigned to the weak who have been exploiting. As careless and impatient character, was fooled when the provocation, all without exception rage. Usually is a bold and brings a person who will take care of her subordinates, and in the vicinity of the public although the fear of the barbaric character, but she was willing to follow her. She was a child orphaned by war's sake, was that the man picked up and the Bandit mission parenting adults.


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

After she was adult, knowing his father is in the power struggle to replace the man was killed in a matter, so they to her enemies, ferocious leader of the brutal overthrow of the Bandit mission, the creation of a new Bandit mission. Li Sidi participate in "Queen's Blade," the reason is to become the queen, bringing the bad guys away, creating a happy life for the country people country, which indeed is a sloppy reason for ah.


3. Musha Miko ─ ─ ─ bar (character design: Iwae, dubbing: Noto Mamiko):


Closing: The third series;


Height: 160 cm;


B: 87;


W: 57;


H: 85;


Occupation: Musha Miko;


Weapons: knife;


Interests: writing poetry;


Armor: protect the amount of runes;


Favorite things: cake (Lena introduced);


Annoying things: low-level person;




Day of the East boundary of this island is responsible for guarding the country will be door god Agency Musha Miko. Musha Miko is to loyalty courtesy anything more important than our elite fighting forces, they not only repel the invaders from the mainland, but also bear the crusade against domestic monster task.


Ancestral shrine one day by the revelation in a dream, then ordered her to complete the most trusted across the west side of the Strait Pakistan to challenge mainland China's "Queen's Blade" will be the mission of the armed fights, serious and responsible in Pakistan, has vowed will win, set off ... ...


"Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" game posters 2, click to enter! 4. Forest guardian ─ ─ ─ Nova (Character Design: Ping Tian Xiong 3, voice: Mikako Takahashi):


Debut: Second series;


Height: 158 cm;


B: 78;


W: 55;


H: 81;


Occupation: guardian of the forest;


Weapons: stick;


Interests: collection of beautiful stones;


Armor: None (to protect from disclosure);


Favorite things: animals;


Annoying things: solitude;


Description: The wizard and human half-breed, even the parents have never seen her look like a village in humans have been brought up. As she and the human are very different, as well as the ability to communicate with animals, villagers do not trust her, and often unreasonably abused her.

demo of Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

One day Nova forest lost in the wizard, and finally found her a roof over our head, the wizard clan warriors long thought she is very people to sympathize with the tragedy, so accommodate her. She served as the guardian of the forest, she every day, one person alone to guard the entrance to the forest. The forest animals have come to play with her, so she will not feel lonely. Now, Nova's order by the soldiers to participate in "Queen's Blade." She did not know why they had been chosen but in order to provide shelter for her family by the wizard who bet their lives that she decided to challenge the other candidates.


5. Thundercloud is going to ─ ─ ─ Library Luo Dete (Voice: Atsuko Tanaka):


Description: Set loyal, tough on the Thundercloud is going to a library Luo Dete, as this continent can be said to be too precious integrity of the aristocracy, has been popular with officers and men of the love and respect. Because she was fencing in the mainland's leading, you can also focus on LEI magic tricks so the sword was called the "Thundercloud's will." She is wandering war Shi Leina sister.


6. Every Witch King ─ ─ ─ Aerdela (voice: Takeuchi Miyu):


Description: Eerdela is the defending two sessions of "Queen's Blade" ring current race queen, is on the ground of the supreme religious instructors to teach King and the Underworld devil's daughter, born cursed half-demon. 8 years ago, calls for the ability to call out the Underworld evil Diermoya obtained beyond human wisdom petrochemical evil eye and split the meat and other secret power of the sword, but since then the body stops growing. After becoming Queen Aerdela strengthened its military power with the assassination of Crown corporations so as to force and terror to suppress opposition. But she is also afraid of powerful forces have been completely liberated, so seal his left hand. Childhood had been wandering through life, his sister is also the most important was separated, in order to find her sister Queen became so obsessed with.

demo preview of Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

7. Teeth of the assassins ─ ─ ─ Irma (voice: Yui Kano):


Description: Irma now directly subordinate to the current Queen of the assassination of force "Teeth of the assassination mission" is the name of cold-blooded killer of the faithful implementation of the mandate, but knew her true identity, not many people. Become her assassination mission objectives of the person who, without a survivor, so she usually would be in urban slums as a cleaner to pass unnoticed. This is Feng Wang Zhiming women to participate in "Queen's Blade" ring tournament.


8. Cleverest special entourage ─ ─ ─ strong (voice: Hiroshi Kamiya):


Description: Qiao Ando worry about the double danger that the new commission to protect her boy. And clever like the special relationship between the brother and sister. Has the general attitude of people should have is a competent supporting role, but do not do so the knowledge and perseverance. Seems to be a person who loves into a dead end.


9. Trainee soldiers ─ ─ ─ clever special (voice: Saito Peach):


Introduction: growing up in an affluent family, the eldest a bit I do not know things. Admired America fighter, you want to write their own heroic deeds, and thus run away from home, but the strength that not strong enough, so she would, and Lena and other U.S. fighters meet and experience the variety of life in the post - become can work independently of the fighters do?

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

5, the game system:


1. This is the S · RPG strategy for Canadian role-playing game!


Cumulative sales of more than 300,000 of the Battle-type visual book "Queen's Blade" decided to adapt into the game on the PSP handheld debut. As for the game is concerned about the type, it is filled with tactical strategy RPG. First return to the original report should be made public in the beauty of this is the rival fighters who fought alongside the amazing story, as well as the making of the original US-exclusive fighter. Also, in order to bitmap for the film, certain to charm the battle scenes, as well as men, you expect players armor part of the destruction of the system are introduced.


2. Turn-based games are played:


Adopt turn-based strategy simulation game role-playing games are played, players will operate the throne of the Queen competition, the 19-US fighters, in order to fight an attempt to steer the world towards chaos and fighting side by side plot, cast their own nirvana with the enemy. In the interval between each battle, you can with the team, U.S. fighters to communicate the type of communication can be divided into individual sessions (Free Talk) and training part of the two kinds. In the individual session, players will select a champion of America, and the ranks of the only strong male roles ─ ─ ─ pleasant talk, to explore the US fighters on the battlefield has not revealed the other side, and to enhance the strong fighters with the United States friendly value. In the training section, the player will pick two fighters were the United States as a role player combat training roles with their rivals to reach the specified conditions, can win, the beauty of fighters involved in the training of each other's friendship and the value will rise with it.


3. Friendly values:


Battle, the role of high value with a friendly neighbor, the respect of the role of financial assistance available to protect attack, aid care defense, the screen will be the sword type, sword shield type, heart-shaped icon to mark out the role of financial assistance care capacity for action high and low values with friendly, nursing assistance is no limit the number of operations has been the role of action can also provide assistance to care, take full advantage of the war situation can be beneficial to the direction of orientation. The composition of the game belong to BANPRESTO similar to the "Super Robot Wars" series, players will be through the strategic map to determine our units in action, fighting scenes are based on the role of SD version to render colorful bold full offensive and defensive moves, and In accordance with a variety of close-up performances interspersed conditions, including one of the characteristics of "armor destruction" seductive lens.


6, the game features:


1. The main purpose of the game:


The main purpose of the game ─ ─ ─ US fighters as combat units to knock down the threat of new enemies in this world, bar! The primary means is to display their consumption of AP (attack points) and moves the main points if the player enough, you can also display their successive attacks. In addition, the game is for players to prepare a number of events, and the demons in the battle, it will be fraught with danger challenge, there will be many of them walk-scale edge of the scene, such as "armor parts destroyed".


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

2. Doo-technology race, "Queen's Blade," What is this?


This is a place in the world of sword and magic of the story of a nameless continent, "Queen's Blade" is the instructions from God to select the most powerful and most beautiful race queen's fighting skills. Followed since the founding of the tradition, as long as the woman over the age of 12 can participate, if not their own people, not even human, as long as the eligibility of women to have a competition.


"Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" game poster 3, click to enter! 3. Twisted world:


However, the continent should no longer be a mysterious demon has rallied together to wreak havoc, the mainland cast a shadow of a layer of anxiety. In the event behind a personal attempt to steer the world towards chaos. On the road to know the status of the "Queen's Blade" fighters, because that the situation is serious competition to lay down their fighting skills to stop the conspiracy as a priority and action. Are competing with each other the beauty of the original fighters were on together in such circumstances. The complete use of the role of property battle!


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game

4. Attributes of g:


The game debut of the struggle between two roles to set the "attributes" parameter, attribute types are divided into strong, the United States, three kinds of excellent, with among the "strong grams of America," "America grams excellent", "excellent Keqiang," Phase-g relationship. In the properties favorable occasion, attack power will increase, in the property adverse occasion, attack power will fall.


5. Grudge (Brave) Measurement Table:


Grudge metering will be carrying out attacks, hurt, damaged parts, parts will be destroyed and other occasions, a gradual increase. With the grudge meter rise, attack damage and hit rate will be gradually increased.


6. Lian Duan attacks:


Even when the segment attack is an attack to set the attack for more than two moves, the continuous attacks by the enemy system. In each role within the limits of the most Dalian, the number of segments can be set freely. Paragraph can not even attack the enemy within a round of attacks causing significant harm. Although you can only use powerful moves to form a connected segment, but a round of attacks, set the same movements as if two or more times, the first two times when displaying the moves will increase the cost of the AP, hit rate will fall.


7.AP (Action Points):


Role in carrying out the attack must be to spend AP, a variety of attack moves are necessary to AP settings, when the rest of the AP can not be cast when enough of the moves. AP also will attack damage and hit rate when the impact parameter.


8.SD roles show off their capabilities!


Lovely SD role will be to make the battle scenes were filled with shocking action. Can also turn off the animated show, with relatively fast speed to fight.


9. Exclusive roles:


Exclusive original version of the game is the role of the popular Akio Watanabe (Watanabe Akio) are responsible for the design. Drawn by the role of technology you want to participate in the Big Dipper tournament girls ─ ─ ─ clever special, as well as to protect the safety of her male entourage ─ ─ ─ strong. How they would be in what way do in the game which show off their capabilities? It is really looking forward to.


10. Animation Performance:


Players can be seen in the game's charming role in order to bitmap animation in the form of some row in the battle scene. In addition, through the role of the friendship between the degree of goodwill, as well as a variety of events, but also a cover to launch attacks and defense of the class system. Face during the performance and system sides give full play to the role of the unique charm. Sometimes, when the US fighters entering the battle will be the first Jiaozhen a few, in the atmosphere is also unequivocal.


11. Part of Defense:


Part of defense is aimed at the "head", "chest", "wrist", "waist", "foot" and five parts of the defense instruction. The location specified in the defensive attack by the enemy, the damage will be reduced, do not specify the location defensive attack by the enemy, the damage will remain unchanged. When a particular part of the risk of being damaged, you can use the directive to avoid.


12. Destroy armor:


There will be a fighter inside the United States the use of magic, flying props to carry out long-range attack role. They cast on the ground when the attack will be used to represent a particular way. By destroying armor causing a large number of injuries and humiliation. In this as in, as long as the destruction of the U.S. fighter armor or armor, you can give them a big hit. Of the already damaged parts of the continuing attacks, can cause even more damage than usual. The fulfillment of certain conditions can also be made if additional attacks on the Association. In addition, armor and even destroy the fighting will be reflected in the capacity of the value and role of the bitmap screen.


7, initial return to limited production, "Battle Pack":


By the PSP handheld exclusive new strategy role-playing as "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" currently scheduled for December 17, 2009 sale. General version of the game is priced at 6,090 yen (tax included price); early return to limited production of "Battle Pack" priced at 10,290 yen (tax included price); this tailor-made "Battle Pack" uses a color box packing, Original contains special role of the Figma series of clever moving dual model can be hit with the role of language music CD. Reservations Special Code was, "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" official viewing the book.


1. "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" official view books:


A5 size 24-page full-color, contains, including Akio Watanabe designed a series of clever special and strong by the "Queen's Blade" luxury line-drawn illustrations created, advertisements, posters and packaging, etc. with the illustrations.


2. "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" Battle Package:


Original role of clever moving Special Figma Series dual model with replaceable parts (face: two kinds; weapons: two swords; Hand: 4 groups; Body: Shift Body 1 species).


3. "Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos" tailor-made painting box:


Including the role of original drama CD covers, packaging and color printing, this CD contains original drama lineup of the roles and Shengyou respectively:


Lena ─ ─ ─ (Voice: Ayako Kawasumi);


US Rhona ─ ─ ─ (voice: Kugimiya Rie);


Pakistan ─ ─ ─ (voice: Noto Mamiko);


Ni base wire ─ ─ ─ (voice: Rie Tanaka);


Nuonuoyeer ─ ─ ─ (voice: Aya Hirano);


Katuoleiya ─ ─ ─ (voice: teak cool incense);


Beautiful music ─ ─ ─ (voice: Saito Ayaka);


Na Wu ─ ─ ─ (voice: Mikako Takahashi);


US Nasi ─ ─ ─ (voice: Gotō child);


Allison ─ ─ ─ (voice: Ito Kanae).


A limited edition of "Battle Pack" bundle affiliated with the originality of the role of Special Figma series can be clever and moving part of the dual model will provide a general, decisions based on expression of shyness, three parts can be replaced, faithful Akio Watanabe (Watanabe Akio) pen role Huya and lovely shape, and through Shift Body Parts to render the armor destroyed a sexy attitude. For like "Queen's Blade" series and strategy role-playing game of new and old players must not miss the game.

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Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game demo for preview


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game downloads of free


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Go Game