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Nippon no Asoko de PSP Game
PSP Software name: Japan's the place (literally - a direct translation of the title under the Japanese game) / in Japan that place (literally) / Japan Map Parade (free translation - under games by means translation) / Japan Investigation Report (paraphrase)

Japanese name: the writing is ッ ポ ン の こ で あ そ (Japan そ こ で の あ)

English name: Nippon no Asoko de

Production companies: SCE Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio △ ○ × □ / Koozyt, Inc.

Agent release: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Software Type: ETC - ET Cetera Software (other types, map query software, the corresponding dedicated GPS receiver)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Released by date: May 1, 2008 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 3,980 yen

Official Website:

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SCEJ released by Japan, is scheduled May 1, 2008 launch of the PSP that a host by: Next Ito has served as the role of setting, Fu Fu Hsing Wang PSP for music production dedicated map tool "that place in Japan" (Nippon no Asoko de). At present this as a single software version is priced at 3,980 yen (tax included). In addition this will also correspond to PSP camera and the surrounding public facilities around the network with the PSP Adhoc networking.


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In this map tool, equipped with the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute 1 / 25000 of the Japanese map, and players can use this map to carry out the actual game. In the map display in addition to the various tourist attractions such as the special icon that outside of the building, even the name of the shrine Buddhist temple sites are also waiting to be logged in which As part of the game, will be to the real Japan stage, the player must help here from the universe as the work of the universe, the universe tour guide ethnic civil mouse "that monks" (the lovely "That monk," feels very much like the image of Stephen Chow movie "Yangtze River VII" in the seven Tsai, and the "That monk" is also playing an alien visitor to Earth.). For a variety of places like "The investigation did not sleep the night markets in Japan!" Like all kinds of interesting investigations.
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This also comes as rich and interesting pattern:

1. "Survey mode" of the fish catch survey: This survey model will be fully demonstrated the software for entertainment, games, our cute little wizard that monks where the CC community has developed a unique method of intelligence gathering that is unknown to survey the situation Spreading the fish known as the biological survey, which investigated the fish will swallow a lot of intelligence, CC community survey of fish caught or simply recall information can be obtained. Player's task is to cast the bait UFO, wait for the fish and eat fish and UFO investigation contact fighting, the victory after the investigation of fish can be caught, they get the appropriate information was. Game to investigate the distribution of a wide range of fish, land and sea have their shadow.

2. "Survey mode" of clearance upgrade: Games with the theme survey points mode, each level has a different survey topics, such as: 5 big busy street survey. Finished the investigation after the monk that can get the appropriate compensation, and brought to buy "guide map", so that you can take advantage of some of the necessary facilities. With the breakthrough points, our beloved community that monks can also get CC's promotion prospects.


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3. "Survey mode" of props collection: Players caught fish survey, investigation of the fish will spit out some special props, such as plants, facilities, monuments and other information, so that will be marked on the map. Also in the survey were local products can be used to decorate the place that monks traveled UFO, after all the props back to what set the whole situation? Ah, you may change into something else Oh! This part of the Japanese prefectures of animals, plants, souvenirs and other characteristics can be clarity of presentation, players can get over more local knowledge.

4. "Survey mode" in the local area: This model not only have a map of Japan where there will be specific details of the description also includes the total number of the world with the number, area, county public income, per capita county income people, men and women average life, which is equivalent to a small portable version of encyclopedia. Official list of references as: "National Census Report," "National municipal prefectures other area," "The year Heisei 17, the county public economic calculation," "Do not prefecture life table" and so on. All of the above data are the findings in 2007.


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In addition to addition to the map, but also the added which allows players to log into sites like setting function, and because of the PSP for the corresponding camera, so the player can use the camera to log the map. And connectivity through the PSP Adhoc, also allows up to four players involved in the production of maps together to work, or to exchange or share with friends, these maps. The player also can connect to the network through a wireless LAN survey their current location information, can be said to be very convenient. In addition, the present government has also announced the latest game to let players download propaganda animation shows, interested players may wish to turn to a point of access to enjoy it!

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