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Game Name: Music Space

English name: Traxxpad

Production company: Definitive Studios

Agent Release: Eidos Interactive

Genre: MUG (Music Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: June 26, 2007

Price: $: 39.99 U.S. dollars

Official Website:

Traxxpad 02

Game Description:

Eidos Interactive's upcoming U.S. release of the PSP game composer, "Music Space" (Traxxpad) officially open the screen! This is a very easy to use for the music game. Not so much a game, to be exact "Traxxpad" is a music production software, which can make your PSP into your own music production studio, mixers, drums, keyboards, guitars, a variety of musical elements together, even if the player never had contact with composer can easily create their own music. And players can add special speakers to make sound sounds PSP perfect, you can also export into MP3 format or WAV format, as a unique cell phone ring tones enjoy!

While the "music room" will bring great changes to the PSP! According to foreign news sites show a few days ago Hip Hop Music Sha Money XL, and game manufacturers have signed an exclusive agreement for the "music room" to provide content download support. "I always thought that good or bad evaluation of a software developers and game brands is not a decisive criterion," music room "production companies focus on exploring new areas and attract players who", Sha Money XL said, "" music space, "the goal of more is to change the previous games and concepts." Sha Money XL is a seasoned company of 50 singers have been successfully introduced into the mainstream of Hip Hop, have since launched a number of packaging handled talented artists. Sha Money XL is also committed to the development of the music industry, the music talent offers a unique opportunity, there is included organizing the annual General Assembly's original. Music from artists around the world to provide a platform for exchange.

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"We are delighted with such an influential Hip Hop Music Software - PSP" portable music space version of "cooperative," senior marketing manager for North America, Kevin said, "" music room "is not just a simple music game It allows players from an amateur into a professional music lovers music producer. This kind of interaction can be said to have transcended the old concept of the game, players no longer set a good basis for the content of games, but in a full open music production studio in accordance with their own arbitrary will to realize their best ideas for music. "" Sha Money XL is undoubtedly the best music in the cause of a choice, "said Troy director of game development," "music room" is a platform that will be music theory knowledge, and practical perfect fusion of music production and promotion to the general audience up and going. "

"Music Space" using a series of high-end technology and music production technology, and focus on all aspects of music making full use of elements of the host PSP function. Even beginners can be simple to use, easy to learn how to create, adjust the music and playing music. Fully compatible with the PSP system microphone, traxxpad portable studio allows the user to sample any sound, then edit the trim with a wave, adjust gain, normalize or reverse the recording. It is also equipped with 1,000 different samples drums beat for selection. Moreover, the "music room" in MP3 format also allows users to export their own produce their own music, burn music CD, transfer to MP3 players, etc., can even make it a ringtone. According to the latest sources, the making is expected to be the end of June 2007 for sale in North America, like the players do not miss!

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