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DJ Max Fever
"Fever Disc Edition" (DJ MAX FEVER) (ULUS-10403 | 85EFE3C39AAFDEA4 | 0001 | G)

psp games Title: Disc: Fever Edition / Disc: Fever Edition / DJMax: fanatical version

English name: DJ Max Fever

Production company: NEOWIZ GAMES. / Pentavision Entertainment.

Agent release: PM Studios, Inc.

Genre: MUG - Music Game (Music rhythm games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (U.S. version)

Release Date: January 27, 2009

Price: $: 39.99 U.S. dollars

Official Website:

DJ Max Fever 02
I. About the Game: Los Angeles in the United States Game publisher PM Studios has announced that the agency made the company in Seoul, Korea PENTAVISION PSP handheld music masterpiece: "DJ Max Portable" (also translated as "Disc: Family Edition") series released in North America right. Integration of new works will be on sale before the Korean version of "DJ Max Portable" the contents of two generations, the U.S. version will be regarded as "DJ Max" series of intensive MIX version, the game was to be renamed: "DJ Max Fever" ( Chinese can be translated as "Disc: Fever Edition"). Currently scheduled in 2009 for sale in North America, the game will continue from the PSP handheld exclusive. Official website has officially announced the latest multi game video and pictures, players information for you.
DJ Max Fever 03
PSP Edition "Disc: Portable version of" (DJ Max Portable) series is rare in the platform to produce sophisticated and popular music players game-winning masterpiece, in the whole of Asia are sought after by players. And the introduction of new work, "playing the disc: Fever Edition" (DJ Max Fever) of track will be integrated generation and second generation of the highly acclaimed music, and add many more rock, hip-hop, RB rap and other European schools, which become part of Europe and the United States into the localization of the "American version", while no longer a simple "U.S. version." This is so because the new tracks added, "Disc: Fever Edition" will become a completely new game, or can be viewed as "playing the disc: Family Edition" of the new sequel.
DJ Max Fever 04
PSP version of "playing the disc: Fever Edition" (DJ Max Fever) difficult aspects of the game, will add a file called Feasible for Mortals (official joked that this normal person has 10 fingers, it is very difficult.) Level difficult to model, that there are five different levels of difficulty, also critically acclaimed in the online mode still retained! Elements in the collection, through to challenge difficult, players can unlock games MV, OST, and CG pictures.
DJ Max Fever 05
This made the track is not a simple translation of the original Korean American pop music, but from the character image to the selected European and American pop music tastes are based on tailor-made Americans. The game still retains the "Disc: Family Edition" series of the essence: a passionate style of American rock, hip-hop Rap RB rap style, this is the current European and American popular culture is an important symbol. Together with colorful pictures, and has the "Disc: Family Edition" features a dazzling way button whereabouts. Combination of the above "playing the disc: Fever Edition" game quality can be described as quite good, this is also the turn of the Uncle Sam crazy!
DJ Max Fever 06
The PSP version of the game currently scheduled for the end of January 2009 on sale in North America, now the game publisher PM Studios also said it is planning the release of limited edition program, and purchase limited edition players will be able to download the game portion, and it appears that the game hardcore players is bound to set a start. There are like this type of music games and "playing the disc: Family Edition" series of new and old players must not miss this for. Second, the game screen: (PICTURE × 47)
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Third, the game posters: (PICTURE × 4)
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