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Bleach: Heat the Soul 7
"Death BLEACH heat the soul 7" (BLEACH ヒ ト ザ ー ル ソ ウ 7) (BLEACH HEAT THE SOUL 7) (UCJS-10110 | 26325480F24019D1 | 0001 | G)

psp games Name: Bleach Bleach: soul warming 7 / Bleach Bleach: Soul hot 7 / Bleach: Heat the soul of the bucket 7

Japanese Name: Bleach ~ ヒ ト ザ ー ル 7 ソ ウ

English name: Bleach: Heat the Soul 7

Production companies: 8ing EIGHTING CO., LTD / SCE Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio △ ○ × □

Agent Release: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Game Type: FTG - Fighting Game (3D Versus fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: September 2, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 4,980 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 3,800 yen

Official Website:

Game: By the Japanese SCEJ scheduled September 2, 2010 on sale at the launch of PSP handheld, UMD version sells for 4,980 yen (tax included ), download version sells for 3,800 yen, responsible for the development made by the Eighting double battle this 3D fighting game: "death BLEACH: Soul temperature 7" (Bleach: Heat the Soul 7). The present is as a comic magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan on the popular cartoon serial "death" as a theme adapted from the battle game in addition to the role of 3D images to reproduce the original, but also will include the full response to the original view of the world stage of the various points, allowing the player to enjoy the PSP console is still Xiang by "death," killing the fun!


Soul 7 01
New work, "Death BLEACH: Soul temperature 7" (Bleach: Heat the Soul 7) using the exchange system of two on two double combat system, players battle not run out of time as long as the physical scale, the way war can be any exchange of roles enhance the strategic, but also in the same way with the exchange partner can still continue to exert a continuous attack. For example, if the player is Byakuya love plays two roles with the team, then the exchange can exert on the way to the "six mentoring team fan combo," or the player if you use Rangiku Orihime two team up with , there will not even carry a special attack, can be said to be very interesting setting.
Soul 7 02
In "Death BLEACH: Soul temperature 7", the debut role than before the new lot to be substantially replaced, but there will also be other than the animated version of the role of TV debut, now known to be a part of care, Orihime, Lo Confines of Folk, care thirteen teams Lion in Winter Ting Lang, love meeting, Byakuya, Rangiku and other roles, there will be ten blades in , Ge Li Mu Qiao other 30 characters, while the official scheduled to there will be a total of 42 characters that appear, and with the original content will be included in such a "virtual ring" for the stage a number of levels, and players in the game you can choose two characters to team up, to and double team to fight the enemy. This allows players to experience more hot new "soul warming" War!
Soul 7 03
With the players continue to battle through ranks, the number of roles available to continue to order will also debut; in single battle mode, where players start from the beginning of solution into the "million solution" when the general will be conducted as the original " turned "to allow players to experience than the previous" hot Soul "series closer to the original content of experience. And in addition to the double battle has evolved, even the esoteric spiritual pressure has also enhanced many, players can even mix between the two roles by displaying a so-called "W esoteric spiritual pressure" double technique, breath to reverse the situation of the war blow opponents!
Soul 7 04
In "Death BLEACH: Soul temperature 7" game story mode will follow the original, from the earliest story, "Death agent chapter" to plot the latest quarter were gathered together, with as many as 61 points in the overwhelming task of of capacity and vivid images in full 3D interpretation of the event scenes! Players Championship mode and can be challenging given the conditions of the Round warfare and coalition warfare through the trials of the supreme pleasure of enjoying.
Soul 7 05
Collected using the above model all kinds of "soul parts", will be able to in the new "soul Alteration" free combination of roles in combat skills and strengthen the capacity of the original "Soul Code." Current and up to 54 (including 74 kinds of different clothing) role debut, the form can be used with different features, or the soul of the battle code, choose to use single or TAG before the works are not even 1 to 2 in the form to create a gorgeous hot Fight!
Soul 7 06
In addition, for the first time even more intimate play with peace of mind to the teaching model can also make "death," fans can meet the taste preferences collection mode, and the use of Ad-Hoc communication functions Battle mode that allows players more to enjoy the "death" of the world! Games are scheduled Sept. 2, 2010 sale, like the fighting game players do not miss the friends made. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 24)

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