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psp games Name: step Boxer - to bring the soul of the victory edition / First Boxers - portable version of the soul of victory

Japanese Name: Circular の は じ ー タ ブ a walk ポ Hikaru ビ ク Suites リ ア ス ツ ッ ス ピ リ (Circular の は じ a walk Portable: Victorious Spirits)

English name: Hajime no Ippo Portable: Victorious Spirits (The Fighting! Portable Victorious Spirits)

Production company: Entertainment Software Publishing Inc.

Agent release: Entertainment Software Publishing Inc. (Requested Procedure, factories element: Corporation エ ン タ ー ン メ ン イ Suites TE Preferences フ Suites ウ ェ ア パ ブ リ ッ シ ン グ ESP)

Genre: FTG (Versus fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponds to the host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Fat Sell Date: December 20th, 2007 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen

Official Website:

Inherited the hero within the step and the screen debut of a number of original characters in the boxing game "step Boxer" (Hajime no Ippo) will soon debut on the PSP! ESP developer has announced this as the latest information: The PSP version will be known as "step Boxer carry Edition: Victory of the Soul" (Hajime no Ippo Portable: Victorious Spirits) is also present for January 29, 2004 for sale "step Boxer 2 Victorious Spirits" PS2 platform migration version, the game scheduled on Dec. 20, 2007 on sale, the official reference price of 5,040 yen (tax included).

Hajime no Ippo Portable 01

In this PSP version of "step Boxer" screen in the collection of a hero within the step and the appearance of many characters in the original and the original manga the latest rival Malcolm Gedo will be war. And as a PSP game, this will have quite interesting to play against some of the communication, as long as there were 2 sets of PSP can play against, the first person, third-person perspective and point of view such a wide variety of games let players choose. Games will also reproduce the legendary story of boxer! Additional role of the new Eagle Village Code of the game has remained undefeated since his debut after impressive record, physical ability is very good, with the ambitious goals, in character very proud, with the iron fist over hegemony in Quantai. Game illustrated by the "Youth Week JUMP" and the original color magazine page comic drawn Mr. Morikawa carefully drawn, the game screen is very close to the comic book style, players must read the original comic book will be familiar. Another official has also published a "step Boxer," the theme song for the "Bunnig Heart" by the original seiyuu sing the familiar cartoon.

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In competition mode, players can choose their players for the game, you can also choose this type of step on the Eagle Village, a totally different player to operate, build their own dream showdown. At the same time the original manga characters will be reproduced one by one, I believe will move this to all FAN!

Hajime no Ippo Portable 02

1. Screen within the step: the original's hero, is a serious and hard worker, had been bullied a weak boy, after learning to boxing, by continuously practicing and gradually grow into a strong man. Goal is featherweight champion, is a right belonging to bunt boxer.

Hajime no Ippo Portable 03

2. Malcolm Gedo: Philippine national champion boxer. And the hero has a 800 step long before the game title, but is to be boxing as the sale, who secretly operating race victory or defeat.

Hajime no Ippo Portable 04

3. Palace Ichiro: In the past, and the hero with the Kamogawa gym, belong to Kamogawa Boxing firms, professional boxing in order to step on stage and play against, but left the Kamogawa. Gradually after playing a world in Thai boxing.

Hajime no Ippo Portable 05

4. Eagle Village Code: Yes, Kamogawa step within the firm with a screen predecessors, is a natural strong-hitting boxer, from his debut record has failed to zero the defending middleweight world champion, but the destructive power of his fist no small matter.

Game screen: (PICTURE × 25)

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