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psp games Name: American professional wrestling League 2009 / bowel burst Professional Wrestling 2009

English name: WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2009 - Featuring ECW (World Wrestling Entertainment: SmackDown VS.Raw 2009)

Production company: Yuke's Company of America

Agent release: THQ INC.

Genre: FTG - Fighting Game (3D Versus fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Play Station 2 / Play Station 3 / XBOX 360 / Nintendo Wii / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English (European Edition)

Release Date: November 7, 2008 (PSP Europe Version)

Official Website:

WWE SmackDown 01

Game Description: THQ issued by the company, Yuke's company as a game development production, scheduled to winter in the UK in 2008, PS3, PS2, PSP, XBOX360, Wii and NDS, and other mainstream game platform launched WWE U.S. wrestling fighting game series of new work: "The United States professional wrestling Union 2009 "(WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009), games like that to get the Association of American professional wrestling Union WWE's official authorization, the association dedicated to the promotion and development of American wrestling movement, is the current U.S. The most powerful and most powerful of the wrestling group, which owns many well-known wrestler. The game, players will see real wrestling league debut in separate ways to the real-name players, this will be the biggest selling point of this for. At the same time as the official site of the now officially opened, and the latest release of the game screen and player information, player information for you.

1, wrestling Sports Overview:

American professional wrestling game has been popular around the world 100 years, initially started in the army soldiers entertain. Wrestling is not wrestling, where the "corner", including punching, kicking, elbowing, throwing almost all unarmed combat techniques, allow the extension to the grandstand on the venue and even lounges. Thus, wrestling course ought to be more original, free, popular, exciting Kickboxing. Wrestling and wrestling in the game are also very different in form, like most popular contest hell cages, buried alive contest, you can use the weapon of the hard core competition, 30 war, etc., which in wrestling is not the case competitions. WWE wrestling is the world's largest alliance. WWE formerly WWF (World Wrestling Federation World Wrestling Association), established over 20 years, due in October 1999 with another WWF (World Wildlife Federation World Wildlife Federation) lost a patent lawsuit in short, so reluctantly give up the use of 20 years old and famous, changed its name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment World Wrestling Entertainment), and in 2002 the Group acquired the other two big wrestling WCW (World Champion Wrestling World Championship Wrestling) and ECW (Extreme Champion Wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling) , merged into the current system of huge WWE Association of American professional wrestling alliance.


WWE SmackDown 02
Second, the major version features:

Since the end of 2007, in Orlando, Florida, held a grand wrestling match, the next THQ initiated a publicity and production of the made. Next-generation console and handheld version of "American professional wrestling alliance" the development of this series of wrestling series of works now, almost every year, many new variations to increase or improve other technical updates. To enable players to better understand the "American professional wrestling Union 2009" (WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009) This work features the latest in this developer THQ's senior leader, Mr. Cory Ledesma in particular to the fans with a series of games to introduce some important. For example, companies pledge to improve the load time, to re-create the artificial intelligence (AI), the addition of a new model and numerous professional wrestling debut strong competitors and so on. If you have time, may wish to personally test the demo version to experience the beautiful Action Game set, it will inspire a strong inherent potential attackers. In this as we not only see the competition between men and women wrestlers, men and women mixed wrestle joined the race. The game will be improved compared to the previous works on behalf of a number of new settings, in the "American professional wrestling Union 2009" will allow players to the illegal attack. For example players can live with the fence on the Shengsuo Le attack opponents or some important part, as long as you are not judge found that all attacks have been judged to be an effective attack.

Although the next generation console and handheld version of "American Professional Wrestling Alliance 2009" on the surface form has been improved, but continued to retain the original basic core of outstanding features. For sale in 2007, "American professional WWE 2008," for example, who invented the game a very interesting Liao's, permitting the players in the game free to create your own role, also train Ta Cheng Wei Xinyi Dai wrestling giant, Qu Dai those with real names on stage is real wrestling star. And by 2008, this year's performance on the bleeding edge, the player can see the "2009 American League of Professional Wrestling" closer to the reality that many changes and more forceful action fighting scenes, the game's developers said The interactive content to wait for many more players to explore, even in the game and the sidelines during the audience interaction. Players will be in the game will feel more American-style humor. Anyway, as long as the fans come here to play the game can be a profound experience the freedom of complete fighting experience.


WWE SmackDown 03
Third, the role against the strong stimulus:

Enter the "2009 American League professional wrestling" game, players will enjoy the professional wrestling (two pairs) of fresh features, but this development work is ongoing, the formal listing of the game there may see more amazing creations. Predecessor in the succession on the basis of good style, "American professional wrestling Union 2009" will continue to strengthen the player was extremely fond of confrontation and Shuangkuaigan, and production staff for the double team model was further adjusted, while adding many new tricks to improve the player's combat motivation. For example, the beta can see for Jeff and Matt Hardy against Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton, etc., where Mr. Ledesma also demonstrates some beat master skills. Before and after comparison, it is clear in 2008, the American professional wrestling alliance on the basis of inheriting the excellent predecessor, also be extended to increase the number of attractive features. Such as the game developer THQ particular set in which a very adequate power, expanded control, various types of combat option is more colorful and moving story of a beautiful story, and a lively wrestling experience.

A role are heated confrontation on the ground, for example, will first start with Matt quickly lifted Jeff, Jeff will now play Matt's arm violently, they are forced to let go let go. When seize the upper hand when Jeff, Matt could use a trick to rescue, that is to make every effort to rival to a leg sweep, then Jeff will immediately fall to the ground, opponents will seize the opportunity to hit it on the head . Although the evolution of this series of actions very quickly, but still more comprehensive tests observed the whole process of professional wrestling. Impact, such as Matt Twist of Fate will use the skills, so that it will disappear fast moving shadows. When the adoption of high altitudes, Jeff will use the Swanton Bomb skill performance. Professional wrestling team has been improved visual images, the process by watching the video, you can find new work than the previous image quality is much higher. The most intuitive is to characterize the role of very fine real, new games will appear in the more lean and more than 30 players, their facial expression changes will view the move as a very attractive performance of the lens. Even the emergence of a new ring outside perspective, that is when the players were shooting around in the fourth when the lens can be a very comprehensive process of capturing your fight down.

Fourth, add a variety of wrestling mode:

Next-generation console and handheld version of "American professional wrestling alliance 2009" in the action on the show is absolutely wonderful also, some of them play and very similar predecessor, in fact, in many parts of the production staff added some new settings , which most players like to start to allow freedom of unlawful attack. Such as access to the game players can use the rails on the Shengsuo Le live opponents, or the pounding of some of the important parts of it, as long as these actions do not foul the referee found, all attacks would be seen as an effective attack. There are a little more exciting is that for many interactive displays hit content, such as the player during the game players can interact with the audience the sidelines. Of course, when Matt will be the Storm's offensive Shihai show a particular hurdle, so the role is not very easy to be flexible will be able to move smoothly.


WWE SmackDown 04
In the "League of American professional wrestling, 2009" Another most attractive feature is that developers here added a new Create-A-Finisher mode, this player will be able to adjust the custom function to create a more with characters full of personality characteristics. Phase Wii version will be made based on the predecessor to increase in number of new models, such online game mode. The NDS version will add a Create-a-Superstar mode, which is also particularly interesting new ways. Finally it is noted that professional wrestling mode support cooperation in fighting double plot. Games are currently scheduled in November 2008 on sale in the UK, like wrestling series of games and sports and fighting games of the new and old players must not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 17)
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