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Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh
"Beidoushenquan Roe rumor days Overlord" (Big Dipper の Getting オ ウ boxing day outside 伝 の Overlord) (HOKUTO NO KEN RAOH GAIDEN TEN NO HAOH) (ULJM-05404 | B2A3B25483FBBA23 | 0001 | G)

psp games Name: Beidoushenquan Roe rumor: Days of King / Beidoushenquan Rao rumor: Days of the King / Beidoushenquan Rao Yu rumor: Days of the King / Beidoushenquan Rao rumor: Days of the King / Beidou of Fist Rao rumor: days Overlord

Japanese Name: Compass の Getting オ ウ boxing day outside 伝 の Overlord

English name: Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh

Production company: Interchannel Inc.

Agents issued: Interchannel Inc. (Requested Procedure, factories Unitary: Corporation イ ン タ ー チ ャ ネ Hikaru)

Genre: FTG - Fighting Game (3D Versus fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Released by date: January 22, 2009 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen

Official Website:

Hokuto no Ken 01

Game Description: Japanese anime production and distribution company game developers Interchannel, scheduled for sale by the end of January 2009. Exclusively by the PSP handheld, ultra-popular comic writer of the original Tetsuo's "Beidoushenquan" as the main character Roe debut story leads young age, the introduction of the new fighting game for: "Beidoushenquan Roe rumor: Days of the King "(Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh). Games will be a simple operation allows players to feel the "Beidoushenquan" super fun and dynamic combat. The reason for launching this is because although the comic version has been serialized in the end of 2007, but in October 2008 in Japan has begun playing new television animation. This is the match for the new Beidoushenquan resulting heat. At the same time this is also the official website for the official opening, and the release of the latest pictures and information of the game for the players you refer.

First, the background story:

And past "Beidoushenquan" adapted to the game are almost all boxing hero Shiro point of view, but this game is using the original developers of the popular par with boxing champion Shiro Roe, the same name starring prequel Animation PSP theme to create original new work. Muhammad Roe is that "Beidoushenquan" protagonist Kenjiro brother, also the elder brother of four brothers. With the progress of the story to experience how he gathered like-minded black men and tamed wild horses of the King, and vested with a tremendous history Beidoushenquan and 1800 to put down the chaos after the catastrophe of nuclear war, a reputed in the world The champion of the experience. Roe's study is a very profound meaning Compass Compass series of waves and palm just to play with. One of the characteristics of this for many will appear in the original character animation will appear in the game.

Second, the actual plot:

PSP exclusive "Beidoushenquan Roe rumor: Days of the King" (Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh) is divided into four modes. In the story mode, will be in accordance with the original story, described Roe and start heading for the century Bazhe fight, and sometimes there is no original story. Battle mode, will be fighting with the computer-controlled characters, have the freedom to play against, time trial and three types of combat survival. In the training mode, set the computer to free movement and other content, and conduct exercises. Battle in the communication mode, players can use the wireless communication function and play against other players. In order to describe the performance of the original in the ultra-bold and unprecedented battle scenes, this is very much prepared for special personalized design. One of design's role is to play against the winner must not be lying on the ground prior to the elements. Use the assassination of the role of boxing who will bet on the "dignity of man" to a showdown. Versus fighting game comes the basic system is simplicity. Jump or sprint game using the basic movements, then set with the various roles in combat to combat, as long as the opponent's strength will reduce to zero, we get the victory. And if at the time of the end of the yet to be resolved, then the remaining will be more physical side to win.


Hokuto no Ken 02
Three game modes:

1. Days Overlord mode:

Reproduce the original waves of life in Roe, and supporting derived between the original story, it is worth looking forward players.

2. And play against the computer model:

Can freely choose to do the stage is divided and roles in Free Battle mode, in the shortest time through the 10's Time Atack battle mode, and continue to challenge the limited physical barriers in the Survival mode.

3. Practice Mode:

Free to set the CPU, action, vindictiveness and technology scale state players for training.

4. Wireless communications Battle Mode:

Battle through the wireless feature, and another player to play against.


Hokuto no Ken 03
5. "Study very profound meaning":

As a major focus of this is: you can use the study to meet the conditions were very profound meaning. Bear the opponents attacks, vindictive meter will rise, when it accumulated to a certain extent, you can use the nirvana "study very profound meaning." Each study has a very profound meaning a strong blow to slay destructive need is sufficient to reverse the situation. The role of the study are fixed very profound meaning, profound meaning when used to see the performances are rich with the fighting skills and change. Battle field on the configuration of the fence and the wooden and other objects, in the role after hitting a specific fighting skills will be destroyed. If you can make use of the object, it will be additional damage to your opponent. Roe and powerful enemies in their original start heroic battle stage deadly place will be in this beautiful image comes up, I believe this will make series of FANS are thrilled.


Hokuto no Ken 04
The launch of the PSP handheld fighting on new work: "Beidoushenquan Roe rumor: Days of the King" is currently scheduled to January 22, 2009 release, the game is priced at 5,040 yen (tax included). For those who prefer "Beidoushenquan" series and fighting games of old and new players should not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 22)
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