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"Night of Fate unlimited codes" (FATE UNLIMITED CODES) (NPEH-00007 | 6234FCE3F26FF0CE | 0001 | G)

psp games Name: Night of Fate: Unlimited Codes / stay night unlimited code: Portable Edition

English name: Fate Unlimited Codes (Fate / Unlimited Codes Portable)

Production company: TYPE-MOON / Cavia Inc / EIGHTING

Agent Release: CAPCOM EUROPE CO., LTD.

Genre: FTG - Fighting Game (3D Versus fighting game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Languages: English (European Edition)

Release Date: September 4, 2009

Official Website:

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Game Description: To well-known popular works "Fate Stay Night" of the 3D fighting game to play against, "Night of Destiny," a large arcade version and the PS2 version as the blueprint for the PSP will be ported to PSP, the new work entitled: "Night of Fate: Unlimited Code" (Fate Unlimited Codes). The game scheduled in autumn 2009, many countries and regions in Europe on sale now in Europe this be incorporated CAPCOM has released the official website section describes video and the actual screen, to show the game tremendous amount of performance.

First, popular works of port:

PSP version of "Night of Fate: Unlimited Codes" of the original is the PS2 platform Game of Fate series, the decision to have the super-popular game ported to PSP handheld, the original charming debut in the role again in handheld at launch full sense of speed the battle, and issued fierce spark. The PSP version will not only keep the original PS2 version of the original elements, but also an additional element of many original PSP. These new elements also brought a new intense psychological warfare. Who will in this endless Deathmatch then won the Holy Grail?


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Second, the plot story:

PSP version of "Night of Fate: Unlimited Codes" is a 3D rendering to smooth brisk Versus fighting game, a unique defense counterattack system "Breakguard" and faithful performance of the ultra-original elements such as nirvana, the PSP version has also increased the task elements, Buxu do not have many original plot. Narrative in order to get the game to achieve all the aspirations of the treasure ─ ─ ─ Holy Grail, Holy Grail by seven elected by the wizard (Master) and their seven calls from those who (Servant), began to be known as the "Holy Grail War" fierce fighting ... ...


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Third, part of the debut roles:

In the PSP "Night of Fate: Unlimited Codes", not only the unique role of the arcade version will be full debut, as well as ballet Kit special, black, etc. The PS2 version of Saber additional role of the war. Moreover, PS2 version of the hidden role of the ZERO of the Marines 迪尔姆多奥 Medina will also appear in this for the players to the free operation! The PSP version added new clothes, as if Fate / Hollow Ataraxia in Rider (cavalry) to wear clothing, and PS2 versions have the (SABER) packages such as the lily.


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Fourth, the system description:

1. New Action rally sprint:

Forward in defense of the same sprint, then defense breath while the upper dashed attack the enemy, to further strengthen the sense of speed during battle, if you press the attack button will interrupt the way sprint directly to fight back. The rally sprint is the PSP version of the exclusive moves forward in defense of the same sprint. Rally sprint through further strengthen the sense of speed when the fighting will conduct a breathless battle compact.


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2. Nirvana commands:

Operation will be carefully refined to become more suitable for the PSP on the game.


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3. Can play against online communications:

Through the PSP's Ad-Hoc wireless mode of communication play against, and friends around a high, are you!


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4. Append new clothes:

PSP version contains an additional role in the new clothes. This time to prepare for each role in the game's original special clothing, make sure you believe FANS moving.


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PSP version of "Night of Fate: Unlimited Code" (Fate Unlimited Codes) is currently scheduled in September 2009 on sale in the UK, as there is love of the players play against not miss this 3D fighting game. Game screen: (PICTURE × 23)
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