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Hakuouki: Zuisouroku Portable
"Thin cherry ghost Wandering Family Edition" (thin ghost Wandering ポ 桜 タ ブ ー ル) (HAKUOUKI ZUISOUROKU PORTABLE) (ULJM-05726)

psp games name: thin cherry ghost: Wandering Portable / thin Sakura Ghost: Wandering Portable

Japanese Name: 桜 ghost Wandering ポ thin タ ブ ー ル

English name: Hakuouki: Zuisouroku Portable (Limited Edition) / (Twin Pack)

Production companies: IDEA FACTORY / DESIGN FACTORY.

Agent release: IDEA FACTORY

Genre: AVG - Adventage Game (for female players, text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ー シ ョ ン ポ Te タ ブ ー ル)

Languages: Japanese (Japanese version)

Released Date: August 26, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,040 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 9,240 yen

Official Website:

Game: Japan IDEA FACTORY production, distribution. Transplanted from August 27, 2009 on sale in the PS2 platform AVG text adventure game: "Thin Sakura Ghost: Wandering" (Hakuouki: Zuisouroku). PSP handheld platform for women to (role debut in the game is fresh and handsome looks of the United States boys!) Love a new adventure for transplant: "Thin Sakura Ghost: Wandering Family Edition" (Hakuouki: Zuisouroku Portable) enhanced version. Game is currently scheduled for summer 2010 on sale for the official website has now officially opened, and put the game more than the latest picture for you player information.


Hakuouki 01
First, the game summary:

"Thin cherry ghost" Kyoto, Japan Bakumatsu era for the stage, describing the search for his father's Sesson Chizuru and new team members selected group of women meet to love adventure games. Stage game in Japan's Bakumatsu period of unrest due to his father's mysterious disappearance and decided to go to Kyoto to visit a man in the leading Sesson Chizuru Chongs added a new election under the group since then and the new group to start election battle with the darkness.

In the "thin cherry ghost" of the works, included a large number of Bakumatsu of historical facts, but also for the unique of this new element to start with the facts there are also differences in the transition to the manifold. As a female game to the AVG, the role of natural beauty, let alone type, more than during the release of the participating radio CD seiyuu lineup is gorgeous enough to let the public voice who shines.


Hakuouki 02
Second, the story background:

New PSP for "thin cherry ghost: Wandering Portable" (Hakuouki: Zuisouroku Portable) The story takes place three years in Japan Bakumatsu long text. Chizuru hero Sesson, Edo grew up in Portland to study medicine (ie Western) daughter. Gang Road, was supposed to be the father and daughter work in Kyoto after the separation, because his father could not be contacted to worry about the thousands of cranes visit to Kyoto.

Chizuru is seen there, and the blood thirsty monsters that seek to fight and subdue their new group of teams who were selected ─ ─ ─ thousands of Crane and the group forged a wonderful new electoral fate. In the search for the missing face of his father's hero, a mysterious assassin who appeared. Gradually become clear to the secrets of the new electoral group ─ ─ ─ Rakshasa exist. In turbulent times, the chest, waving edge ideals and beliefs of the men who fight in the Bakumatsu behind the new electoral battle group and the darkness has kicked off ... ...


Hakuouki 03
Third, the debut role:

1. Sesson Chizuru:

Voice: None;

Introduction: The making of the hero is a doctor's daughter, Edo. In order to find his father came to Kyoto, but in an incident witnessed the Shinsengumi members, was accidentally hard charge occupation, while he was doing in the Shinsengumi while investigating his father's whereabouts, and gradually, the discovery of new groups and their essays inextricably linked to his father.

2. Saito I:

Voice: Hao Fu sea birds;

Description: Fan group of newly elected leader of Group 3, like a silent gray wolf, is considered raw. Good flow of the left hand draw a sword master, the strength of the new group is one of the best essays there.


Hakuouki 04
3. Earthwork three years:

Voice: Miki Shinichiro;

Description: a new group of mate choice, Kondo's right hand man, hold the real power inside the Shinsengumi, in order to benefit the organization often play the role of bad cop, so called "ghost deputy team." But he was unknown man on the other side.

4. Todo level help:

Voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino;

Description: Fan group of newly elected head of group 8, Shinsengumi members of the youngest cadres. Born in Edo, has the mettle to take the lead temperament.


Hakuouki 05
5. Chong Tin General:

Voice: Morikubo Taro;

Description: Group 1 is the newly elected leader of the team fan, genius swordsman, when a group of people the new leader of Shinsengumi, unsmiling man rigorous.

Fourth, new additional elements:

In the PSP port of the "thin cherry ghost: Wandering Family Edition" which, in addition to the incident with the game screen changes the screen CG changed to 16:9, the other in the PSP version which will also feature a new design Packaging to launch trafficking, but also for the PSP version of the official First Press Limited Edition release with the regular edition comes with different packaging artwork about 60 minutes with the radio CD as a special code, so that players like this can also be made through the radio CD more into the game's rich story story.


Hakuouki 06
The scheduled launch of the PSP version of "thin cherry ghost: Wandering Family Edition" will be released officially announced the ultra-luxury table decorations included the premium content CD. Games will not only reproduce when moved, and added a new video, music, etc., so that players can also play in the collection together with the role of their super-cute collection of the other side! Games are scheduled Aug. 26, 2010 launch, PSP version of which will be released back to the beginning of regular edition and Limited Edition, priced at 5,040 yen (tax included) and 9,240 yen (tax included). The First Press Limited Edition inclusion of information include: the role of a collection of original songs collection CD, music CD soundtrack set the data sets, and so, there are like love and adventure class female players should not miss this for friends. Screenshots: (PICTURE × 24)

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