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Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Portable
"Shield of love girls and guard carried Edition" (Love desu ru Maiden と の guard railings PORTABLE) (KOISURU OTOME TO SHUGO NO TATE PORTABLE) (ULJM-05635)

Game Title: love girls and Guardian Shield: Family Edition / love girls with Guardian Shield: Portable Edition / love the girl and the guardian of the shield: Family Edition

Japanese Name: Love desu ru Maiden と の Dun Guardian Portable

English name: Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Portable (Limited Edition)

Production company: AXL / Alchemist

Agents issued: Alchemist the Entertainment Tribes

Genre: AVG - Adventage Game (text adventure games)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Released by Date: July 29, 2010 (Mu Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 6,279 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 8,379 yen

Official Website:

Game Description: Japan Alchemist production, distribution, transplanted from November 2008 sale of the same name in the PS2 platform games. AVG love for the PSP handheld's new adventure as: "love girls and Guardian Shield: Portable Edition" (Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Portable), games are scheduled for sale in summer 2010, while the official website for the current has also been formally opening, and put the game more than the latest pictures and other information for you the player reference.


Tate Portable 01
First, the game summary:

The new PSP version of a "girl in love with Guardian Shield: Family Edition" (Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Portable) was originally a Japanese game makers AXL in June 29, 2007 on sale at the launch of a PC platform for over 18 years old Love adventure game players. The original name of the game for the PC "love girls and Guardian Shield" (Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate). Since November 20, 2008 by the Alchemist after the launch of PS2 console version, specifically for the platform on the part of the adjustment elements, such as removing the inappropriate parts to other players for over 15 years of age. And the migration to the PSP handheld, the PSP handheld hardware features will be based on appropriate optimization and improvement. As to adapt to the new PSP handheld game screen to adjust the original 4:3 images to 16:9, while the PSP version will retain the best features of this series is to have a large number of ultra-fine game set graph, like the girls and the United States LORI friends, players can not miss these beauties, but oh!


Tate Portable 02
Second, the background story:

AEGIS special protection as a new organization representatives, Kisaragi Writing History With incredible petite body and good motor, has a number of successful protection of the target figure. Is precisely because of his diminutive size, so he had to complete a difficult character, that is, dresser, entering into the girls school to escort female students as targets. Despite protests to the organization and leadership, but ultimately forced the most suitable candidates accepted this figure as. Mainly the so-called leadership is his inside, the reason for the evil fun.

For the security of the objects, the revision history vowed: never revealed his identity, not let others know they are men, and finally, we must successfully protect the security of the object. So according to the instructions of Chief of foster parent body, the identity of the mountains Tian Miaozi mixed success this Forbidden garden, girls school. But no material has long been thought of here a number of security sites, arranged by the principal of capacity to do odd jobs after entering the Union finally see what he had been assigned the object of security is a spring snow, and piles of the original Kawasaki lotus. Then in the quarters also met with the village for the security of the spike years, and many Raiders games in the role of women began to object as to protect security, fun, awkward, thrilling, and ultimately the outcome of love.


Tate Portable 03
With the game in depth, followed by a number of unexpected opponent on stage in order to complete their given task, and in order to protect their beloved girl, moon and repair history to do their best to play the full power of ... ...

Third, the role of appearance:

One. Kisaragi repair history (also mountain Tianmiao Zi):

Voice: Kugimiya Rie;

Height: 163cm;

Description: This for the male lead, is the new elite security companies AIGIS, code-named Shield Nine, with excellent protection experience. Although the man, but with the appearance of juvenile and neutral body, forcing it to the Executive's easy to pretend girls academy for girls in mixed tasks.


Tate Portable 04
2. Haruhi Kawasaki Snow is:

Voice: You never Zhu Yin;

Height: 163cm;

Description: Kawasaki zaibatsu spring eldest, Saint Teresia College third-year students, the student union president. Is our usual show of like a leap, but it alone will become another deputy Missy personality. Kisaragi priority is to protect the object star.

3. Tsubakihara Lin:

Voice: Hiroshi Sakurai United States;

Height: 161cm;

Description: The main character is the same moon and repair history sophomore, character, integrity, focus on the existence of evil, justice will not forgive is the type of hoe strong helping the weak. Ministry of single-handedly school sports super motor girls, with "the Oscar academy adult" nickname.


Tate Portable 05
4. Park Ju Dong Nai:

Voice: Taguchi Hiroko;

Height: 147cm;

Description: with "academy mascot" of the title, LORI body type while she strokes the real popular but in fact she is a small demon-like belly black experts, the evil little devil hidden attributes. Know she's only a small part of the nature of people, the protagonist is one of them. In Nadeshiko will act as the accounting work.

5. Sanada set child:

Narrator: Rikimaru is り こ;

Height: 160cm;

Description: sophomore, lotus, there is, the main character's classmates. Is a large and gentle manner ask children, but also do not know ways of the world's eldest. Its every move clearly poor, was loudly praised first lady Gakuen, in between some woman she is still popular than the snow.

6. Shui Village in:

Voice: Yoshida love management;

Height: 159cm;

Description: The main character is different because the organization sent the elite elsewhere, as for the protection of the daughter, but the information had already been starting to know the real protagonist of the identity and gender, is the academy, in addition to principals, the second to know the characters male person.


Tate Portable 06
7. Ayakoji Wakana:

Voice: Tamura Yukari;

Height: 161cm;

Description: PS2 and the PSP version is a new additional heroine, a third-grader, is very suitable for umbrellas of the eldest daughter, the lady has a perfect education, so popular with school girls admirers; with classmates friendship is very good in the snow, often eat together. Although very intelligent, but because it is too blunt a little bit in some places Shaogen Jin.

8. Western り お:

Voice: Friends of Village vector for yarn;

Height: 148cm;

Description: The train guard company AEGIS logistical support staff, is like a small animal with the general appearance of the turn-around petite girls cute, responsible for the content of work with the elite from the contact to the material scheduling does it all, it is often in the company Come on East Baituo Xi sufficiently rare human elements. She also occasionally sneak into the implementation of the work themselves.


Tate Portable 07
9. Section Chief (Chief):

Narrator: the end of a tree vector;

Description: protagonist's boss, privately-owned special VIP security is AEGIS Class Section. Was originally a battle-hardened mercenary, has now been retired. The security operations, draftsman and head, forced the lead into mixed Gakuen Women also his idea.


Tate Portable 08
4, the game system:

As a to 2007 by AXL on sale in PC platform introduced in 2008, ported to PS2 to launch the host market "love girls and Guardian Shield: The shield of Aigis" this time they moved to a new PSP handheld for, In the PS2 and PSP versions of them, in addition to two additional new heroine out, the other has added an additional story and the new additional CG images, and with the PC version of the special at the beginning of animation for different players to experience the charm of this popular transplantation to bring home and the host of the game after the new charm.


Tate Portable 09
5, new additional elements:

In this PSP port which, in addition to the incident scene with the game screen changes CG changed to 16:9 screen, the other of which will be used in the PSP version to launch new packaging for sale, but also for the official PSP version of the First Press Limited Edition release with the regular edition comes with different packaging artwork with about 60 minutes of radio play CD as a special code, so that players like this can also be made through the radio plays the game CD into a rich story more story.


Tate Portable 10
PSP version of the new adventure game for love: "Love girls Shield and Guardian: Family Edition" is currently scheduled July 29, 2010 sale, the game is priced at 6,279 yen, ordinary version (tax included), Limited Edition sells for 8,379 days yuan (tax included). The original game was introduced at the famous illustrator, the game's debut in the character of expressions, a more distinct personality, like this type of game the players may wish to try, it will certainly bring you good memories. Love adventure game like friends should not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 23)
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