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Trick x Logic Season 2

"Tricks of the logic in the second quarter" (TRICK × LOGIC SEASON2 Suites リ ッ ッ ク ク ロ _ GUI) (TRICK X LOGIC SEASON 2) (UCJS-1)

Game Name: tricks of the logic: in the second quarter / tricks × logic: in the second quarter / fraud logic: in the second quarter

Japanese Name: TRICK × LOGIC Season2 (Suites リ ッ ッ ク ク ロ _ GUI)

English name: Trick x Logic: Season 2

Production company: CHUNSOFT / SCE Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio △ ○ × □

Agent release: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Genre: AVG - Adventage Game (word puzzle adventure game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Fat Sell date: September 16, 2010 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: UMD Version 2,980 yen

Price: PS-Store Edition 2,380 yen

Official Website:

Game Description: According to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) said it would scheduled for summer 2010 on the PSP handheld launch for a new push to understand mystery, "trick logical "(Trick x Logic). As the push to understand a mystery AVG hardcore game players here need to utilize the brain to solve a mystery after another event, which was an extraordinary accomplishment.


Trick x Logic 01
First, popular novelist, joined by:

New to "tricks of the logic" in particular invited to include: Aya Tsuji pedestrians Arisugawa a habitat, I Sunzi Wu Pill, Takemoto Kenji, Ma Ye Xiong Song, mountain Seiichiro Kuroda research second, including seven popular mystery writer to modus operandi of the trap responsible for the design, script writing and story writing by SCE and jointly produced by Chunsoft a new form of Puzzle Games to promote understanding.

Second, the upper and lower quarters Episode:

This in the "tricks of the logic" in the will to "No.1" to "No.4" of the event included a "first quarter" story (which also will feature the first quarter of the contents of the Special award); "No.5" to "No.10" The story included a "second season" story, and over the next two quarters of the Rings game release form. Current "tricks of the logic: in the first quarter" (Trick x Logic: Season 1) scheduled July 22, 2010 on sale; while the second film, "tricks of the logic: in the second quarter" (Trick x Logic: Season 2) will In 2010, the September 16 sale. Game prices, the two works are for the 2,980 yen UMD version, download version is about 2380 yen.


Trick x Logic 02
3, included the 10 detective novels:

A collection of seven popular Japanese novelist, will elaborate puzzle game with points two seasons with the launch of the first quarter, including a script to play 4, 5 the second quarter, including the script to script 10. Ten players you can solve the mystery of this incident, see through the prisoners and their tricks behind it? The following is the mystery of two quarters of 10 cases related to title and some Foreword Introduction.

A. "tricks of the logic: First Season" contains the first four:

1. "Stolen dolls" of: I Sunzi Wu pill;

Description: "Mary coveted" is a statue of the value of 3 million yen, while the statue can not even make a duplicate key in the warehouse of stolen! Who, then is what kind of approach, so that the valuable statue so strict in defending the show on missing it?

2. "Lights out of the room" of: Takemoto Kenji;

Profile: South Korea has just spent a happy trip, but home is waiting for her lover's body ─ ─ ─. Home when a strange woman pass, which is now entangled her former boyfriend's girlfriend. On the other hand, hatred of men, the couple have also surfaced online search. This should be everyone not in the dark hut, what is going on?


Trick x Logic 03
3. "Snow woman quarters" of: Ma Ye Xiong Song;

Description: This should be a quiet winter with the usual morning, a female student dormitory of female students was a chopper through the chest and died. In the same living quarters, was won by lover while holding immense hatred of the dead girls are also involved in the same day was among the Hokkaido incident. The death of the deceased to leave the true meaning of what information? The Hokkaido accident and the relationship between this murder case is it?

4. "Chopped off the five heads" of: the mountain Seiichiro;

Description: "I think I want you to look into what trends after the divorce my ex-husband." Always a defeat for him, detective should be very simple task, but turned into bizarre killings! This should be under the surveillance of the men in her, was killed when by whom? Even more puzzled is why prisoners cut off the victim's "first five" (head, hands, feet). Detective with the first discoverer of female college students, but also with being involved in this Mystery.


Trick x Logic 04
B. "Second Season" contains the following six:

"Dead Hamlet" Author: Kuroda, Kenji;

"Bloody Mary Mystery," author: Takemoto Kenji;

"Rifling murder" of: Ma Ye Xiong Song;

"Eye of the wall of the Chamber of Secrets" by: mountain Seiichiro;

"Y's objectives" of: class moved to a pedestrian Arisugawa habitat;

"Perfect alibi" of: I Sunzi Wu pill;

Fourth, new to outline:

New to "tricks of the logic" is a mental challenge with just the individual player difficulty superb puzzle mystery, adventure game produced by Japan's leading manufacturers CHUNSOFT suspense novel development of new types of games. In these reports, will be how the players of the reasoning part of this system is mainly concerned about, for you to detail. In addition, this addition will be introduced called "Aga Luxurious" mystery story summary, there is addition, "Aga luxury" for other than described in the story of this information, as well as several new debut role.

5, debut role:

1. Yoshikawa tree (the hero is involved in the incident):

Voice: Ping Gang You too;

Description: This a prime, calm character, not external things, is known as the century rare young talent prosecutors. As was the assassination of being near-death injuries, hence the sense of drift to the Underworld. The conditions of his return to this world, that is, to earthly events also did not answer to undo! (That is, King Enma challenge to his outstanding ─ ─ ─ Aga extravagance).

2. Enma King (Dark of the highest command of persons):

Dubbing: video game, you ー holds an ン;

Description: command of the king of the underworld, although there is very great, but very Qingtiao casual demeanor. In order to rule the evil dead, it must be resolved in this life are not to undo the events can not. Because of this, the record collection of outstanding events in the Underworld "Aga luxury" to the protagonist Yoshikawa tree to help their work.


Trick x Logic 05
3. Amano Division (a bit heavy-handed female college students):

Voice: The fake house Wei Hong;

Description: in a variety of working, in order to become a cameraman for the target students. I do not know why always been in the "Aga luxury" recorded unresolved incident, the suspect's identity repeatedly been summoned to the Underworld. Although Yoshikawa tree with the same reasoning you want to start lifting their suspects, but always because of strange ideas and stray from the question.

4. Marunouchi Qing times (acting stuffy old bird Interpol):

Voice: Country Estate Falcon;

Description: Interpol handling the case about a decade-long career, the old bird Interpol. As he often told, "Aga luxury" documented incident,

And again summoned to the Underworld. Very serious doubts Amano each Division is to conduct a variety of reasoning prisoners, interest is a person singing karaoke OK, and listening to contemporary drama.


Trick x Logic 06
5. 9 Superintendent (the mysterious woman behind the incident):

Voice: the original sub-vector sub-Chuan;

Description: the mysterious woman behind the event, further information has yet to be officially announced.

6, the beginning of the story:

Game story, the description that has been pushed from the building and seriously injured a genius prosecutor Yoshikawa tree, only the occasion of the wounded died residual human body, but consciousness has come to the Underworld. For sanctions in the Dark is a sinner and headache Enma King, it is because the tree clear note Yoshikawa mind and decided to appoint him, that is the unlock has not been taken place in this world who untied the truth, to find a prisoner's true.

In this way, King Enma will not solve the case of Underworld record books, "Aga luxury" (the empty record) to the Fong Shu Chuen. "Aga luxury" is an incident recorded by the need to address all elements of the book, the only written record, and is used by prisoners, prisoners with the trap of savvy. But this talented prosecutors and Enma King's heterogeneous mix, it really can solve all kinds of books recorded in the incident?


Trick x Logic 07
7, System description:

1. Reasoning limits the novel's three rules:

In the game, players can read detective novels like to read this record as a variety of outstanding events Underworld Collection "Aga luxury" and appeared in strange way to read key words to the puzzle together for the event to reasoning. In this book, "Aga luxury" which, for a total of three limit rules were first written in the book are all real, but prisoners may lie; the second is the motivation, is not important; The third is a prisoner or methods used in the traps are not super-powers or the universe, beyond the common sense of people the kind of things, and Underworld's residents are related to records above is no relationship between the various secular events. Players must also carry out the various elements of reasoning are all hidden in the article is also among the players must find clues from the truth Caixing.

2. Mystery emerges:

When the player is when the reasoning, there will be new questions about "mystery" emerged, and find out the answer to this question will be the only way players close to the truth. When the players all gave all the mystery solved, you can in the "investigation records" which enter the prisoner's name, etc., if the answer is correct, the event even if the settlement. The players are able to solve these first-class writers from Japan by the various practices designed traps, players will rely on their own thinking and ability.


Trick x Logic 08
3. Single out the article is concerned about the keywords:

First, the player (Yoshikawa tree) must be read as subject matter a mystery, has finished reading all the novels, beginning from the second reading will be based on questionable reasoning words (keywords) shine. When players pick from a number of keywords in a few keywords together, the incident hidden "mystery" will emerge. But if the proposed keyword is incorrect, would not emerge mystery, that is if there is no speculation based on random, it will not appear even mystery.

4. Please find the keyword combinations of positive solutions to enable the hidden mysteries surfaced it!

Combination of keywords can have up to five, even if only one keyword, according to different combinations will produce many different mysteries. From the second reading detective novels, the article keyword will shine, but some of them are on the trap of reasoning does not help, please be sure to pay attention to players.

5. Find it suspicious keywords it!

Then select the keywords that suspicious combine it to find out the mystery event. The resulting conundrum of truth would have nothing to do with the games ... ... At this point, if the player made a mistake keyword combinations, the mystery will not appear.

6. Knitting inspiration from the mystery to the assumptions:

In the emerging puzzle in the case of doubt will be recorded and other related information, when the players were from the novel to find that answers to the mystery of keywords and combinations before we can produce a statement for the truth of the inference problem of "inspiration" (that is, assumptions), but because this time will likely be a lot of inspiration, so players must find out from a pile of inspiration which he thinks is a solution. This one appears a lot of inspiration, some with the same keywords, there are many independent projects with the truth, the player can see the truth?


Trick x Logic 09
7. Integration reasoning results to reveal the truth of the investigation report:

When a player to judge the case is now an essential element of the solution are completely hand after collection, then you can open the "investigation report." Report on and resolve the case will be recorded in the end. Players must produce inspiration from many choose the appropriate answer, fill into the report, when the survey is completed it will enter the settlement papers to verify the correctness of the report. If the choice and fill in the report where the inspiration for positive solutions, we can solve the case any more. The players can be inspired by stuffing a report, the fact is not only questionable, sometimes the names of suspects may be the case records. If authentication fails, by Yoshikawa explain in words how the lack of inspiration caused the error. Players have a number of assumptions from the best survey to find out the truth.

8, solve puzzles methods:

In the "tricks of the logic" in each case, the story is divided into articles, papers and reasoning to solve three-part article. Chapter of the story can see the opening animation of this chapter, reasoning papers to read, "Aga luxury" to find clues to solve the preceding chapter is the reasoning of the verification. The ability to see through the master of the mystery in the case depended on the player's own reasoning, to solve the puzzle of the method are mainly the following three aspects:


Trick x Logic 10
1. "Keyword":

Description: Read the article, there will be a different color when the text appears, this is the "key words." Key words are important to unlock the mystery of the key cases, portfolio Keywords can start reasoning.

2. "Enigma":

Description: By combining key words will be of doubt, that is, "mystery" solved "mystery" need to solve the mystery "keywords."

3. "Inference results":

Introduction: the "mystery" in the question and resolve this incident, "key words" combination will produce "reasoning results." Inference result is derived from the article assumption, inference results are not confined to one.


Trick x Logic 11
9, the game details the specific processes:

Conduct of the game manipulation by the players challenge the way the tree Yoshikawa mystery dramas, with Yoshikawa's story about the tree itself will be a "convergence story" in the form of development. This will brief you on relevant information and reasoning game specific processes.

1. First, read through the "Aga luxury", the first pass the time reading novels on the Follow the same general (allowing the player to read detective novels, one by one suspicious of the reasoning part);

2. Read it again after the key words will turn red, with the circle button to select;

3. Select key words into the embedded slot among you can put up to 5 keywords, then click the reasoning practice ... ...

4. Combinations Keywords reasoning put into practice, the article did not mention the "mystery" will emerge, will have nothing to do with the case of the birth;


Trick x Logic 12
5. Finally solve the "mystery" will puzzle and keywords combinations;

6. The mystery and keyword combination will be "inference results", the result will be a lot of reasoning, but the truth is only one;

7. Chosen to solve the mystery case of the most perfect "reasoning results" ... ... (reasoning Posts: divided into "reasoning failed" and "reasoning success" are two possibilities, it is to verify the results of some players reasoning, if reasoning is wrong would have been critical, reasoning is the next solution will be a story).

8. Into the settlement papers, if the answer error, it will fall back again looking for clues reasoning papers.


Trick x Logic 13

PSP version of "trick on the logic: in the second quarter," currently scheduled September 16, 2010 sale is expected to UMD disc version will be available for sale, priced at 2,980 yen (tax included) and network PS-Store download version, priced at 2,380 yen. Are like mystery type of game should not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 24)


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