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Starry Sky In Spring Portable
"He's in the spring constellation articles" (STARRY SKY IN SPRING ポ ー タ ブ Hikaru) (STARRY SKY IN SPRING PORTABLE) (ULJM-05683)

psp games Title: Constellation He's: Spring articles / Constellation He's Spring: Family Edition

Japanese Name: Starry ☆ sky ~ in Spring ~ ポ ー タ ブ Hikaru (Starry ☆ sky PSP Spring)

English Name: Starry * Sky: In Spring Portable / Starry * Sky: In Spring - PSP Edition (Limited Edition)

Production company: Honeybee / ASGARD., Ltd.

Agent release: Honeybee

Genre: AVG - Adventage Game (for female players, the text adventure game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Fat Sell date: June 24, 2010 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 3,129 yen usually Edition

Price: Limited Edition 5,040 yen

Official Website:

Game Description: Japanese Game publisher Honeybee production and distribution, the corresponding PSP handheld. Transfer from the PC platform for women to popular (debut role in the game is fresh and handsome looks handsome!) AVG love adventure game: "He's Constellation: Spring articles" (Starry Sky: In Spring Portable). Games are scheduled for sale in summer 2010, the official website for the official opening of the present also, and put the game more than the latest picture for you player information.


Starry 01
First, the original description:

PC platform "Constellation he's" (Starry Sky) is a very popular AVG single word Puzzle Games, games for the first generation of the March 27, 2009 sale. Game description of learning objects relevant expertise to the moon and stars Academy stage for the story, described the actress as the sole female school students, and 12-bit full of beautiful boys by cutting out the romantic love story ... ...

While the PSP version new work: "Constellation he's" will be divided into 4 games to depict four seasons of stories for the FANS have and players on sale, namely: "Constellation He's: spring articles" (Starry Sky: In Spring Portable) scheduled June 24, 2010 on sale; "sign he's: Summer articles" (Starry Sky: In Summer Portable) scheduled on Sept. 30, 2010 on sale; "sign he's: Autumn articles" (Starry Sky: In Autumn Portable) scheduled December 22, 2010 on sale; "He's Constellation: Winter articles" (Starry Sky: In Winter Portable) scheduled March 24, 2011 on sale; and each story there are three roles may Raiders debut, this 4 the game can add up to a total of 12 individuals (12 constellations) love, which manufacturers have to say is another way of making money and changing tactics.


Starry 02
Second, the background story:

"Xingyue academy" is a small village located in Takaoka full-time college, with a clear of the sky can be a good premise. Xingyue academy is divided into six kinds of professionals to educate students for the purpose of astronomical knowledge. The moon and stars academy in the past is for boys, in recent years, in order to enable schools to become more comprehensive, the school began to enroll girls. However, remote villages because it is located, and the subjects taught are too professional, female students enrolled so far only one hero. Although there are childhood friends to accompany you around but around the net is a male hero in the end what will be the academy make ends meet then? And has a constellation of personality characteristics of 12 boys met together through the day, the initiation out of feelings. In the vast bright Xinghai's watch, the little bit of love to change the mood and the way the sky looks. Send this to you to unify the academy for the stage start in four seasons of 12 forms of love story ... ...


Starry 03
Third, character description:

PSP version of "He's Constellation" is a constellation with 12 boys with different personalities and characteristics, and the female lead in the four seasons of life on campus AVG theme of the text adventure game. 12 boys were divided into four seasons, each season is around the star and the three boys fall in love and Campus Life.

1. Female protagonist (the player can customize the name):

Voice: No;

Age: 18 years;

Description: The moon and stars academy school of the girls. Others favor a child received, determined to become a scientist.

2. Soil Meng Yang (Yoh Tomoe):

Belongs: "Spring papers" Raiders role;

Voice: Green River Light;

Grade: High School sophomore;

Blood type: O type;

Birthday: January 12;

Constellation: Capricorn;

Height: 175cm;

Weight: 58kg;

Professional: astronomy;

Description: is a transfer to Xingyue College of Liberal Arts of the transfer student days. Have French and Japanese descent, beautiful looks correct. Childhood encounter with the heroine, after transfer to Xingyue College, finally reunited with the heroine.


Starry 04
3. Day of wings (Tsubasa Amaha):

Belongs: "Spring papers" Raiders role;

Voice: Suzumura Kenichi;

Grade: high school students;

Blood type: AB type;

Birthday: February 3;

Constellation: Aquarius;

Height: 185cm;

Weight: 61kg;

Professional: universe disciplines;

Description: Xingyue Gakuen students of accounting, the results are the first, like the invention of some weird things, but often fail test, repair often become damaged.

4. Seven Seas zai too (Kanata Nanami):

Belongs: "Spring papers" Raiders role;

Voice: Sugita wisdom and;

Grade: High School sophomore;

Blood type: B-type;

Birthday: March 18;

Constellation: Pisces;

Height: 175cm;

Weight: 55kg;

Professional: astronomy;

Description: Xingyue sophomore liberal arts college days. And the female lead and the East on a childhood. Patience and impatience, it is easy to quarrel with someone, unfortunately suffering from incurable diseases since childhood, physical limit of only 3 points.


Starry 05
5. I do not know the fire tree (Kazuki Shiranui):

Belongs: "Summer article" Raiders role;

Voice: Yuichi Nakamura;

Grade: High School third-grade students;

Blood type: O type;

Birthday: April 19;

Constellation: Aries;

Height: 178cm;

Weight: 62kg;

Professional: astrology disciplines;

Description: Xingyue Campus Student Union president, as fractures hospitalized for two months, repeat. In order to practice on the teacher's commitment to pull into the student wing, but also silently guarded the female lead. While some hard-line way of doing things, but very attractive, so popular with students, have the ability to foretell the future.

6. Kanakubo reputation (Homare Kanakubo):

Belongs: "Summer article" Raiders role;

Narrator: Paul Chi comprehensive Ichiro;

Grade: High School third-grade students;

Blood type: O type;

Birthday: May 14;

Constellation: Taurus;

Height: 185cm;

Weight: 64kg;

Professional: Western astrology disciplines;

Description: Actress Minister of the Ministry of the host archery. Western Section of the third year students astrology, tea family, gentle calm personality, and some susceptible to the pressure, is well recognized by the Department of archery minister.


Starry 06
7. Mizushima Yu (Lku Mizushima):

Belongs: "Summer article" Raiders role;

Voice: Yusa Koji;

Age: 21 years;

Blood type: B-type;

Birthday: June 9;

Constellation: Gemini;

Height: 187cm;

Weight: 67kg;

Profession: Student Teachers;

Description: looks great in emotional experience, but in fact afraid of being used. Once a well-known member of the band, had a twin sister, but has died, more awkward character.

8. East on tin also (Suzuya Tohzuki):

Belongs: "Autumn article" Raiders role;

Voice: Ono Daisuke;

Grade: High School sophomore;

Blood type: A type;

Birthday: July 1;

Constellation: Cancer;

Height: 179cm;

Weight: 59kg;

Professional: astronomy;

Description: Xingyue sophomore liberal arts college days. And the heroine is a childhood. Also the existence of two different mothers. Very good at cooking, but also likes to take care of people, so they are in helping this to help the state. To treat the heroine as his sister.

9. Yang on direct lion (Naoshi Haruki):

Belongs: "Autumn article" Raiders role;

Voice: shore end of Daisuke (bank last ta si け ぃ);

Age: 24 years;

Blood type: O type;

Birthday: August 11;

Constellation: Leo;

Height: 164cm;

Weight: 53kg;

Professional: Teacher;

Description: Astronomy Classes hearty class teacher, and student mix, and students often bet. However, the traps set on the student whether he will in total, who lost the noon meal should be divided up for everyone to eat. Leo is like a canteen set, good at computers.


Starry 07
10. Aozora Sa fight (Hayato Aozora):

Belongs: "Autumn article" Raiders role;

Voice: Hirakawa Daisuke;

Grade: High School sophomore;

Blood type: A type;

Birthday: Sept. 15;

Constellation: Virgo;

Height: 182cm;

Weight: 60kg;

Professional: Myth disciplines;

Description: Xingyue Campus Student Union vice president, was born in the famous musical family. Man steady, gentle, responsible behind the student union co-ordination, is to coordinate runaway president and an important figure in accounting.

11. Xingyue Hu Taro (Kotarou Hoshizuki):

Belongs: "Winter article" Raiders role;

Voice: Akira Ishida;

Age: 26 years;

Blood type: AB type;

Birthday: Oct. 13;

Astrological Sign: Libra;

Height: 177cm;

Weight: 58kg;

Professional: health doctors;

Description: usually very sloppy, like sleep, the health center often a mess, who dreams of being a doctor, was because a friend's death, gave up. Xingyue college president's brother, later became the official director.


Starry 08
12. Miyachi Ryunosuke (Ryunosuke Miyaji):

Belongs: "Winter article" Raiders role;

Voice: Kamiya Hiroshi;

Grade: High School sophomore;

Blood type: A type;

Birthday: 3 November;

Constellation: Scorpio;

Height: 178cm;

Weight: 60kg;

Professional: Constellation disciplines;

Description: The heroine of the same grade. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of archery. Serious character, but really, he is actually very simple, like sweets, drink carbonated drinks will be drunk. Not good at expressing their feelings, the "Vice Minister of the devil," said.

13. Kinose Azusa (Azusa Kinose):

Belongs: "Winter article" Raiders role;

Narrator: Jun Fukuyama;

Grade: high school students;

Blood type: AB type;

Birthday: Dec. 20;

Constellation: Sagittarius;

Height: 166cm;

Weight: 51kg;

Professional: universe disciplines;

Description: has a "genius" in the name of the transfer students, gives a sense of cynicism, in fact treat their own deals with things go all out. Yearning for freedom, fear of being bound. Occasionally revealed his childish side, good discussion to please girls.


Starry 09
Love the new PSP adventure to "sign he's: article in spring," currently scheduled for June 24, 2010 sale. General version of the game will be released and the first Limited Edition, respectively, to 3,129 yen (tax included) and 5,040 yen (tax included). The game was moved not only to reproduce, and added a new image, etc., and limited edition inclusion information, including: the role of a collection of original songs set CD, music CD soundtrack set the data sets and so on. Adventure in love with women like class players friends do not miss this for. Game screen: (PICTURE × 20)
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