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Lanfeust of Troy PSP Game
psp games Name: Troy Heroes

English name: Lanfeust of Troy (Lanfeust de Troy)

Production company: TATE INTERACTIVE

Agents issued: ATARI

Genre: ACT - Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable / Nintendo Dual Screen

Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish, etc. / with Wu language (European Edition)

Release Date: May 9, 2008 (PSP Europe Version)

Official Website:

Game Description:

ATARI Company issued by the British, Dutch Tate Interactive Studios produced this corresponds to PSP and NDS PSP action game "Lanfeust of Troy" (Troy, Hero) is currently the official website has been opened, and the latest release of more than one game screen, for player reference.


Lanfeust of Troy 01
Troy also called "ilium." Ancient Greek colonial cities. Before and after the sixteenth century BC, built by the ancient Greeks. Located at the western end of Asia Minor peninsula, the Hellespont (the Dardanelles) southeast. Term of the present Turkish Xisalike. BC 13 to the previous 12 centuries, quite prosperous. Second century BC, Mycenaean Greek city-states formed the joint forces, crossing the Trojan expedition, the war continued for ten years, known to history as "the Trojan War," Troy is also famous for. Cities in the war in ruins. Homer's "Iliad," which describes the deeds of the war. According to legend, the city of Troy by the Greeks with the final "Trojan horse" break. Nineteenth-century archaeological excavations, access to a large number of precious antiques. Is a talk of this to occur in the city of Troy, the heroes of adventure stories and games to the true face of ancient Troy show to the players. The PSP version of the game currently scheduled for May 2008 on sale in the UK, like action games for players not present.

Game screen: (PICTURE × 17)


Lanfeust of Troy 02

Lanfeust of Troy 02

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