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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
psp games Name: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G / Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

Japanese original name: holds an ン ス タ ハ ン タ ー ー ー タ ブ ポ Hikaru 2nd G

English name: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP Pack)

Production company: CAPCOM Production Studio 1

Agent Release: CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Genre: ACT - Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (PSP)

Released by date: March 27, 2008 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 4,800 Yen

Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version

Release Date: March 30, 2008

Official Website:

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G 01

1 Note: Speaking of

May 3, 2008: "Monster Hunter Portable 2ND G" Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version Ver 2.0 version, the amendment reads as follows:

Changed almost all line breaks and format issues, the task before the Japanese were also the perfect replacement into Chinese, can be said to completely re-polished subversive.

April 13, 2008: "Monster Hunter Portable 2ND G" Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version Ver 1.7 version, the amendment reads as follows:

All tasks re-translation of amendments to control 100%; weapon props, the clan responsible for the hunters.

1, amended information:

It buren - of Babylon;

Neptune gun Leviathan - Sea King Gun Liweiyasang;

Sea Gunslinger - Gunslinger Liweiyasang sea;

White Athlon pistol second gear - white Athlon barreled change;

Absence Tools - God of Cookery tools;

Jian gun - crab strong shield gun;

Jieneisiting the rush - Magenta sting;

Beas water on the Jian Yan - Yan Shui-long prison two swords;

Apollo double-edged sword of light on the Dragon - Dragon on the sword of light;

Excalibur Hakni inflammation - inflammation Sword A Guni;

Curse of Wang Jian Chacha P - odd side family curse Wang Jian;

Nine Palestinians pull mine Excalibur - Excalibur Thunder vajra;

D Talubazi GD ancient hook ax G;

Germany - bloody flute;

Yan Wang Atlee to - Yan Wang Etelaili;

Yan Fei A Zulu cannon - cannon Yan Fei sky blue;

Curse of King crossbow Chacha surface & P G-odd family curse Wang crossbow.

Second, material aspects:

Litter of the umbrella - lost umbrella;

Kirin Premium Paper - Kirin special epithelium;

Bring copy meat devices - portable grill;

XX XX beautification of all the amendments, these amendments have been 2-3 inspections and polish.

Third, other amendments:

Typos Chong Dong Gun Hammer ... ... and so on;

According to player suggestions, fixes a lot of places, such as pig's clothing name;

Nude King;

Memory stripe;

Pink charm;

Green Black Shocking;

White sheep;

Angel installed;

Glasses Mitton;

Other amendments too, do not list them.

※ 2.0 version will be basically eliminated all the BUG, implementation of the mandate of the mission is still the Japanese version, has cracked, and polish, so the next version of padded.

April 5, 2008: "Monster Hunter Portable 2ND G" Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version Ver 1.5 version, the amendment reads as follows:

1. Error correction equipment 99.99%

Lava Dragon Hand - Black Dragon Hand

Snow Lion loaded - loaded flying insects

Lava Dragon - Rong Yan Lung

Corner of the Dragon equipment - white corner of the Dragon

and so on ....

2. Unification of all equipment, name, format, more beautiful.

3. Beng Dragon - Lava Dragon Brochure revised

4. Assembly close! Walled crab! Task has been to close! Laoshan dragon!

5. Fixed some dialog errors.

6. Fixed some problems out of box

7. YY cat's name has been changed back to original version

8. Hop - dance amendment

9. Defensive move - move amendments card

10. Asian 亜 uniform correction

11. Continuous hunting hung fire. H Long. Black wolf birds. Golden Lion Black Wolf birds should be amended Motion Long

12. Action - union amendment

13. Please press the center key amendments ○

14. Item name error Sashimi Fish - Sashimi butter noodles coupons - Ai Luya and correct

15. Ice word unification amendment

16. Ice water shells rapid-fire crossbow - Icy rapid-fire missiles correction

17. H Long Erlian Ji! Mission correction

18. Get rid of - please amend

19. Part of the mission trip, can not read the amendment

20. A time to stop - pause changes

21. Purple crab shield spear guns have been translated into highly toxic to amend

22. Village 3 Star 4 of a task. Electric Dragon pups to pay three amendments

* 23 *. part of the weapons were to change.

Neptune gun Agrimonia - Neptune gun Leviathan

White Desert - White Disaster

Apollo double-edged - on the Sword of Light Dragon

Excalibur Thunder Indra G-Bus Nine Latin

* 24 *.* 1.5 patch on the Z series of special equipment to be changed, different easier and more user friendly. *

U Series Z series of changes will see changes, effects and people's reactions to the decision.

25. Part of the task description of the victory or defeat amendments

※ Note: The weapon has been referred to specifically derived table derived table as a weapon [Live King] made 1-2 weeks after the landing.

April 2, 2008, "Monster Hunter Portable 2ND G" Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version Ver 1.3 version, the amendment reads as follows:

1. Shenlong X cap, dragon mask X to X and the Black Dragon Black Dragon armor angle X-wing ring

2. Petal head armor Z repeat, the second to the petal surface A Z

3. Pa barreled guns magic prison house of inflammation to Pa barreled guns

4. Sickle unity of all the cheap crab crab

5. All the unity of Armor Dragon Dragon

6. Take the word correction

7. To amend the name of gold and silver dragon equipment

8. Yan Fei Yan Fei Long X Long X fans and masks to Yan Fei Long Fan X, Yan Fei Long mask X

9. Long pointed loaded revised steel dragon armor X Kai X install tip

10. Gold rings really true to the golden bamboo hat

11. Dragon X Dragon X face helmet and a helmet is amended as lava Long X, X A surface lava dragon

12. Iceberg iceberg demon demon U U face helmet and a modified helmet for the white corner of the white corner of the surface U and a U

13. Xun Xun Long S Long S face helmet and a fast read fast dragon dragon face helmet S A S

14. Golden ring golden hat revised

15. Dragon dragon face helmet and a revised lava lava dragon dragon helmet and visor

16. Armoring steel dragon steel dragon mounted a Z and a Z-chain equipment was revised to Black Dragon and Black Dragon armor installed chain A Z Z

17.S · soul soul Z Z S · armor and chain A revised Bank of Japan and silver armor on armor Z Z

18.G · G · on Z and on Z armor armor armor armor on a revised gold and gold on chain A Z Z

19. Dragon X Dragon X chain armor and a revised lava lava dragon armor, dragon armor X and X

20. Iceberg iceberg demon demon U U chain armor and a white corner of the modified armor and white corner of the chain A U U

21. Xun Long X helmet and face a revised fast dragon helmet and visor X

22. The original packaging for the tyrant dragon armor and a correction for the collapse of Long-chain equipment

23. Unification of all sand sand

Of 24. Collapse hammer touch foot Cambrian Cambrian amended to collapse hammer touch foot

25. Last revised tail bar

26. Some with "A" term correction

27. Strongly = Xinjiang fixes

28. Camp = Wing of fixes

29. = Yang Yang problem correction

30. Install "decorative" items typos correction

31. To re-polish the text and check the missing Japanese amendment

32. Part of the actuarial test items without color correction

33. The beginning of succession to re-file when the dialogue polish.

34. Amend a large number of the box. Will be neatly arranged next touch up.

35. = Go before the sound of the amended

36. 竜 - Dragon fixes

37. Equipped with a preliminary error correction, please continue to test

38. Desert uniform to amend the name of Sharon Wang

39.14: 9 Star Village, the 15th amendment monster task

40. Bait remaining surplus back points = Revision

41. Great recovery drug - drug to restore all drugs similar amendment G

Many other items as records of changes negligence, not 11 listed.

March 30, 2008: "Monster Hunter Portable 2ND G" Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Chinese Version Ver 1.0 version, the basic text of this 100% completely finished. If there are any error or slip through the net, are the product of combat fatigue, most of the typos are because of the limited character. But it will also continue to improve and bring you the hunter a more perfect world.

Second, the game Description:

Japan CAPCOM released by CAPCOM First Development Department (CAPCOM Production Studio 1) production, scheduled to be March 27, 2008 launch of PSP hunting action game "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G". Games can be fully inherit "Monster Hunter 2" carrying version of the archive, in addition to the original "mission inferior" and "upper task", the additional difficulties and a higher "G-class mission" to provide more challenging. Single people also joined the fun part of many enhanced features, including the additional task of the upper village tasks, and new players together with the mission of "carry-Ai Road," available at hunting weapon props used to support the players, close to the collection point will automatically capture all kinds of material to help players, players who play in a single two people when fully enjoy the fun of the game Hand in Hand.

New Arrival of the game by adding a variety of dinosaurs, including the habitats of the sea like a leopard in the tree as fast dragon dragon species, the tower appears Gu Yue Long floating species: mountain slap, and the daimyo sand Sapporo Mia kind of ... ... and so on all kinds of subspecies of dragon. Part in the hunting field, it is to join the "Monster Hunter Online" in the sea of trees, and "Monster Hunter" generation portable version of the old scene, types of weapons as much as two-fold increase, hoping to bring players a festival feel.

1, inherits all the archived content: including weapons, armor, money and so can be inherited, or even the player can also change the role of gender, male characters will be automatically converted into special role of women-specific armor.

Second, the additional task: in this as in many additional predecessor even play through Monster Hunter 2 is worth the challenges of new tasks, the task is still challenging than that of upper G-class missions, different according to task difficulty, players will encounter to the strength and the availability of props monster is not the same.

Third, the new task characteristics: task added in the upper village task, the task only under the previous village head position task: the task of single people when hunting with the accompanying Ai Road can proceed with the adventure! Ai Road, can not bear attack, the defense can, but also with the antics to entertain hunters, players can experience playing with two people feeling again!

4, add new monster species: "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" will join a new monster hunter threat: fast dragon 纳鲁加库鲁加, in the wooded area to reach the unique evolution of the dragon, appearance the characteristics of a leopard, a place to hide in the dark and silent under attack prey, the tail will make full use of robust and agile figure, the prey into just a dead end. There are variants of the floating mountain dragon, the monster looks like octopus with four feet long and two tentacles, many people feel shock display join forces attack!

Fifth, a substantial increase in scene types: The venue for the hunting stage increase than many second-generation, including generation facilities will be nostalgic games included in the 2G, including the old volcano, the old desert, the old marshes, old forests, etc. , a festival feel to the players.

Third, make the list: (they say the following in alphabetical order Oh!)

Planning: Bill_22

Procedure: ZXP moonsun1234 (Pegasus), Crainy (Lu Xun), XINYU, serige;

Patch produced: XINYU;

Translation: SHIN really red, FoxUU, CHENGANDPENG (salted egg), Phoenix ga イ, エ ロ せ ん に ん;

candy123 (plate), a hit from the off, Yang, who, puppet back し, really 007XRB, cumar;

Polish: Ming night の wings, Springlie (Happy Garden), Invisible Superman, Ashura;

Art: Meissen;

CG Test Group: mushrooms, FALCOM, looking forward to the track, stealth Superman, valley of death.

Teams test list:

Zero Teams: Zero.Roy, Zero.killuer, Zero.OoLaLa, Zero. Small can, Zero. Sweet potato;

Gray Teams: Gray. Heaven teeth, Gray. Flower, Gray. Haruhi virtual, Gray. Night birds, Gray. Rouge hate, Gray. Really 007XRB;

SS Teams: SS.Dengyu, SS.LEON, SS. Angel, SS. Natural, SS. Pink Timeless Hung, SS. Xiaoya, SS. Tree tree, SS. Hair, SS. Ghost dancing girls, SS. Salad , SS. Durian,

※ This game is finished for the CG group of independent finished, all finished content (including the original Monster Hunter 2P finished): This picture, etc., for the CG group all finished without final authorization will be allowed to change with the use of, if not like we finished, it Please ignore it good, we do not accept all the offensive remarks, reproduced with acknowledgment. Speaking of problems and errors also please forgive, please reflect to us immediately. Speaking of the final interpretation patch all, thank you.

Chinese group CG

March 30, 2008

4, the game screen: (PICTURE × 20)


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