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Fairy Tail Portable Guild
"Fairy tail carried Association" (フ ェ ア リ ー ー TE イ タ ブ Hikaru Hikaru ポ beverage giant Hikaru ド) (FAIRY TAIL PORTABLE GUILD) (ULJM-05608)

psp games Name: Fairy Tail: Family Association / Fairy Tail: Portable Association / Magic lead youth: Family Edition Association

Japanese Name: フ ェ ア リ ー ー TE イ タ ブ Hikaru Hikaru ポ beverage giant Hikaru ド

English name: Fairy Tail: Portable Guild

Production company: KONAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Agent Release: KONAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Genre: ACT - Action Game (Action Game)

Carrier Capacity: UMD × 1

Corresponding host: Play Station Portable (プ レ イ ス ン ポ TE ー ー シ Newspaper タ ブ Hikaru)

Language Version: Japanese (Japanese Edition)

Fat Sell date: 3 June 2010 (wood Yao day / Thursday)

Price: 5,250 yen

Official Website:

Portable Guild 01

Game Description: Japan KONAMI (Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.) production, distribution. To being serialized in the popular comic book, "Fairy Tail" (Fairy Tail) version of the official launch of the game, "Fairy Tail: Family Association" (Fairy Tail: Portable Guild), Summer 2010, landing PSP handheld. And the "Fairy Tail" Author Hiro Mashima also involved in the original setting for the special role of Mo Daoshi, also in the game to meet with the players. At present for the official website has opened and released a picture and some information on the latest game for the players you refer.

First, the original description:

PSP PSP exclusive new work: "Fairy Tail: Family Association" (Fairy Tail: Portable Guild) is an adaptation of the current "Weekly Shonen Magazine" serialized in popular magazines such as comic ─ ─ ─ "Fairy Tail" (also name "FAIRY TAIL Magic lead juvenile") of the original ACT action game. This is a popular Japanese cartoonist for Hiro Mashima (Mashima Hiro) of a young comic book edited by describing the boys and girls can manipulate magic Mo Daoshi their blood fighting game-themed cartoon. Japan's total has been set up to 17, the Department has issued a total number of more than 9.4 million, and also have access to 33 back to Japan Kodansha Manga Award winning juvenile departments can be said that the recent work of a very red. Since October 12, 2009, the television series began in Tokyo, animated television version, this is off the player in an "evil guide young" hot.

Story in the "Fairy Tail" Association, is a powerful wizard to set the number of places. The main character Lucy Xihatefei Australia (Lucy Heartphilia) is always wanted to join. Mage Neil in the most referrals, the Lucie finally able to taste like, and get to know a lot of advanced magician. Later, Lucy together with several advanced magician, make up a history of the "strongest" team, to start this adventure ... ...


Portable Guild 02
Second, the background story:

"Fairy Tail" is a manipulation of the Mage magic as the central theme is about the Mage Association, "Fairy Tail" of the hero and his companions young Naz adventures. In "Magic Guide" world, magician associations distributed throughout the world, there is a magician job and place to convey intelligence. Dreamed of becoming a magician endeavor Lucy met a girl can eat fire, fire attack, fire control wizard to eliminate long, but from the tail of the Summer Fairy, would like to invite Lucy to join their team. Faced with such a motley bunch, young girls could proceed smoothly magician Lucy do her work, complete tasks?

Third, the game features:

New PSP for "Fairy Tail: Family Association" will be a hunting action game based ACT, the comic role as the number of your original 30 people, described by Hiro Mashima will also join the new Mo Daoshi role, players can choose their own like the role of team challenges in a variety of tasks entrusted to the Society. Use of wireless LAN communication function can be coordinated to achieve maximum 4 games. The game also contains elements bred, according to players like to cultivate, collect your favorite role to form their own Mo Daoshi Association.


Portable Guild 03
Version of the game, players will be able to manipulate the original role of the player who is familiar with a variety of enemies to fight. As the system will be a "double action" as the biggest selling point, the role of partners in different combinations to get the effect of various changes; but the game also will be added so players are free to replace the role of apparel like clothing custom features, the next government will also launch from the original comic drawn by Hiro Mashima debut new clothes that you can use props!

Other end of the demon world, including many associations, such as: magician Association, Association of mercenaries and so on. Associations throughout the world. They do not have any so-called justice and evil, as long as they accept the task, then the task is to make every effort to complete and get the bonus. Of course, in principle, sometimes because some things are not going to reach a total reward, of course, there is a high price could not do a bad thing principle.


Portable Guild 04
PSP PSP exclusive new work: "Fairy Tail: Family Association," currently scheduled for June 3, 2010 sale, the game is priced at 5,250 yen (tax included). Games will be your challenge to a variety of rich tasks, and supports PSP's Ad Hoc wireless network mode, can support up to two to four player online cooperative game. For the game in the series like the old and new players do not miss this for this. Game screen: (PICTURE × 10)
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